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Agile Project Management with GreenHopper 6 Blueprints

An intuitive guide to efficiently track and manage projects in an agile way using GreenHopper for JIRA.

Engineering methodologies are plan-based and very much predictive in nature. The disciplined and procedural nature of engineering methodologies makes the whole software development process a bit slow and inefficient. The outcome of this has been the development of Agile methodologies. The benefit of Agile methodologies is that they are more predictive in nature, more people-oriented, and they focus on the end outcome, rather than being bureaucratic in nature.

Based on industry survey, the majority of Agile practitioners practice either Scrum, a combination of Scrum and XP, or a hybrid nature of Scrum to match team requirements. Scrum is a time-boxed iterative and incremental framework for Agile development process.

Project management is about planning, reporting, scope, cost, risk, organizing, motivating, and managing people and resources to achieve specific goals. With Agile, the basic concept is self-organizing the team with different roles. On a Scrum project, we have roles like product owner, Scrum master, and team.

GreenHopper is an Agile project management tool as an add-on for the well-known ticketing system Jira from Atlassian. The power of Jira allows you to customize and adapt to any hybrid Agile process matching your team requirements best.

Each organization has different departments, businesses, domains, and teams working together to achieve goals. The variation in the way of working and their requirements for each team differs. Some of the common teams working together are:

  • Development team
  • Testing (QA) team
  • Design team
  • Project management team
  • Site operations team
  • IT infrastructure team
  • Marketing and sales team
  • Customer support team

GreenHopper provides rich interface to end users to quickly work on the backlog items and other day-to-day tasks, and other planning and reporting jobs. Some of the main interface features which make your job very easy are described in the following headings.

  • Single view
  • Inline editing
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Quick filtering
  • Responsiveness
  • Highlighting
  • Flexible elements
  • Understandable
  • Intuitive
  • Target audiences

To manage your Agile team effectively using GreenHopper refer to the book, Agile Project Management with GreenHopper 6 Blueprints: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1849699739/ The excerpts in the Article have been taken from the book.

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