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JCG Flashback – 2011 – W36

Hello guys,

This is the first post in the JCG Flashback series. These posts will take you back in time and list the hot articles on Java Code Geeks from one year ago. So, let’s see what was popular back then:

8. The Truly Educated Never Graduate
An interesting article on the concepts of teaching and understanding and how those apply to software development. Appropriate advice is also given (reading books, being involved with open source projects etc.)

7. What is Dependency Inversion? Is it IoC?
This article attempts to explain the commonly confused concepts of Dependency Inversion and Inversion of Control and how those relate to Dependency Injection.

6. Yes, Virginia, Scala is hard
David Pollak, creator of the Lift framework, Scala champion and JCG contributor, claims that Scala is indeed hard, but it all boils down to the nature of the developers that are going to use them.

5. Eclipse Shortcuts for Increased Productivity
Eclipse is almost the de-facto tool when it comes to Java development. So, here is a collection of some of the most useful Eclipse shortcuts that will help you increase your productivity when working with it. Don’t forget to leave yours!

4. Quick tips for improving Java apps performance
Application performance should always be an issue for Java developers. This article mentions several tips that will help you boost your application’s performance.
3. Problems with ORMs
Undoubtedly, Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools like Hibernate have helped developers make huge productivity gains in dealing with relational databases in the past several years. However, the well-documented problems with object-relational impedance mismatch inevitably cause headaches for developers. Check out some issues that might arise.

2. Google Guava Libraries Essentials
Google Guava is an excellent library, similar to Apache Commons, that helps Java developers write code more readable, robust and maintainable. This article provides a nice introduction to it, discussing Throwables, Iterables, Multimaps, Preconditions and much more!

1. The Ten Minute Build
The “build” is an essential part in all software development processes. Given a development environment any developer should be able to get hold of the source code, click a button or type a simple command and run a build. The build should compile and perform its unit tests within about ten minutes. Find out why!

That’s all guys. Stay tuned for more, here at Java Code Geeks. And don’t forget to share!


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