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GWT and HTML5 Canvas Demo

This is my first experiment with GWT and HTML5 Canvas. My first attempt is to create rectangles, with just a few lines of code I came up something like this:



public class GwtHtml5 implements EntryPoint {
 static final String canvasHolderId = "canvasholder";
 static final String unsupportedBrowser = "Your browser does not support the HTML5 Canvas";
 static final int height = 400;
 static final int width = 500;
 final CssColor colorRed = CssColor.make("red");
 final CssColor colorGreen = CssColor.make("green");
 final CssColor colorBlue = CssColor.make("blue");
 Canvas canvas;
 Context2d context;
 public void onModuleLoad() {
  canvas = Canvas.createIfSupported();
  if (canvas == null) {
        RootPanel.get(canvasHolderId).add(new Label(unsupportedBrowser));
 private void createCanvas(){
     canvas.setWidth(width + "px");
     canvas.setHeight(height + "px");
     context = canvas.getContext2d();
     context.fillRect(100, 50, 100, 100);
     context.fillRect(200, 150, 100, 100);
     context.fillRect(300, 250, 100, 100);

And my Spring balls experiment with some codes that I found on the Web.

Reference: GWT and HTML5 Canvas Demo from our JCG partner Mark Anro Silva at the GlyphSoft blog.

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David La Motta

Check out http://www.emitrom-lienzo.appspot.com/#ExplorerPlaceImpl:rectangle for some cool canvas-based rectangle example using a product called Lienzo.

Lienzo is a canvas-based graphics toolkit implemented using GWT. Most of the primitive shapes are supported out the gate, as are events, animations and transformations. Check it out! http://emitrom.com/lienzo/download

Best regards.

Zhou Ji

what is the difference between setCoordinateSpaceHeight and setHeight? do you really need to set both?