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Hey guys,

With this post I would like to introduce some new cool tutorials that are coming up at JavaCodeGeeks. They will be about media (audio/video) manipulation with Xuggler, FFmpeg and Wowza. I am going to keep track of all the related tutorials in this post.

You can have a first crash on these technologies by checking Pat’s older post about RTMP To RTSP re-stream using Wowza and Xuggler. Please note that this is kind of intermediate level. However, the subsequent posts will begin from a novice level, since I am also a beginner.

Stay tuned for more, here at JavaCodeGeeks!

Relevant Tutorials:

Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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Rajesh K
10 years ago

Using Java xuggler compressing large video file taking 16 minutes 714mb size 1hour 20min length

I’m newbie to xuggler and have done some experimental xuggler api using Java. I’m using to compress video file found here Need to compress large video files 1 to 2 minutes. If anybody knows how to do this.Please infrm me vid my email address.

9 years ago

Hi ,
How can i get the stream packet fom webcamera to wowza server .i tried but not getting stream in wowza server

8 years ago

Hi everyone,
I am developing an android application which sends RTSP/RTMP stream to WOWZA server and WOWZA server finally sends that stream to desktop web JWPlayer. It’s been 4 months, I have been trying dozens streaming libraries (Like libstreaming, Vitamio, etc.) But none helped me.
I finally landed here and heard something about Xuggle-Xuggler, But I have no idea whether my scenario (mentioned above) would be possible using xuggler or not.
Please help If it is possible. If possible then gimme a way, how can I start with xuggler. Today only I heard about Xuggler.
Awaiting for response. Thank you.

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