Preparing the C# .NET API for Kannel SMS/WAP gateway

As you may know, the Java API for Kannel SMS/WAP gateway was released by JavaCodeGeeks as an open-source project earlier this month. After releasing some updates with added functionality and receiving quite positive feedback from the Kannel community, I started porting the library to C# a few days ago.

My main purpose is to keep the interfaces as similar as possible to the Java ones, so that there is a uniform way to call both APIs. Porting a library from Java to C# is quite straightforward thanks to the commonalities that the two languages share. However, there are some details that need to be handled.

Bear in mind that Justin is quite ahead with the Java API (the new features are really cool) and that the C# API will not include all the functionality supported by it, at least on its first release.

Anyway, we believe that having an easy, yet robust API available for the two most widespread platforms is going to give Kannel a great boost and open it to a greater range of developers worldwide. Stay tuned for the C# API for Kannel release!


Ilias Tsagklis

Ilias is a software developer turned online entrepreneur. He is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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11 years ago

Could you please send me a link for the C# version of the library?

10 years ago

Has this ever been released?

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