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OpenMap Tutorial Part 2 – Build a basic map application using the MapHandler – Part 1

1. Introduction In the first tutorial we created a basic OpenMap GIS application that displays a map with one shape layer, loaded from the filesystem, inside a JFrame. That tutorial was based on com.bbn.openmap.app.example.SimpleMap. We used the following OpenMap classes in that tutorial: MapBean, PropertyHandler, ShapeLayer, com.bbn.openmap.util.SwingWorker. We added a MapBean to a JFrame. However, OpenMap provides its own JFrame, ...

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OpenMap Tutorial – Part 1

Introduction This series of tutorials will show you how to build Java applications using the OpenMap GIS Java Swing library. OpenMap’s Developer guide is a very useful document that describes OpenMap’s architecture but it doesn’t explain how to start and build up an application step-by-step. The examples that come together with the source code are useful but not enough. OpenMap ...

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Java Swing Model View Adapter Mediator

Typically I build my Java applications based on Spring Framework. However, I was recently asked to implement a Java desktop application for a client using a language agnostic MVC framework – PureMVC, so the following is my demo implementation of the employee admin showcase for PureMVC in Java Swing. If you want to follow along, a runnable demo is available on GitHub. ...

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Call to verify responsiveness of your JavaFX UIs

Recently Jim Weaver installed my little picture indexing app “picmodo” for a demo on his Surface Pro and the GUI became a pice of junk. Obviously the basic font size of JavaFX on a Windows Tablet is to high:                 I assume, too absolute sizes and positions are not always the best idea, ...

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Swing and JavaFX: working with JFXPanel

I soon will have to deal with JavaFX in a Swing based fat client – oh sorry, of course I meant “multi-layered rich-client”! So this brings me to have a look at the JFXPanel. The JFXPanel is a javax.swing.JComponent to embed JavaFX content into Swing-UIs. A JFXPanel can be used similar to a JPanel and can be accessed via the ...

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Programming a simple slot machine game using Java

No mat­ter how sim­ple or com­plex the game is, Java can do the job! On this post, let’s take a look at how begin­ners of Java pro­gram­ming can make a sim­ple, yet fully func­tional slot machine. Slot machines have been around for a long time, but its enter­tain­ment value doesn’t seem to fade one bit. Inter­Casino, the first web­site to offer ...

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JavaFX Tip 9: Do Not Mix Swing / JavaFX

The JavaFX team has tried very hard to convince us that migrating from Swing to JavaFX is easy because of the option to embed Swing content in a JavaFX UI and vice versa. I must admit that I never tried it myself but based on the feedback I am getting from my customers I can only recommend to not mix ...

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115 Java Interview Questions and Answers – The ULTIMATE List (PDF Download)

Last updated Oct. 3, 2016 Our Java interview questions and answers collection is all about different types of questions that can be used in a Java interview, in order for the employer to test your skills in Java and object-oriented programming in general. In the following sections we will discuss about object-oriented programming and its characteristics, general questions regarding Java ...

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