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R: Bootstrap confidence intervals

I recently came across an interesting post on Julia Evans’ blog showing how to generate a bigger set of data points by sampling the small set of data points that we actually have using bootstrapping. Julia’s examples are all in Python so I thought it’d be a fun exercise to translate them into R. We’re doing the bootstrapping to simulate ...

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R: Blog post frequency anomaly detection

I came across Twitter’s anomaly detection library last year but haven’t yet had a reason to take it for a test run so having got my blog post frequency data into shape I thought it’d be fun to run it through the algorithm. I wanted to see if it would detect any periods of time when the number of posts ...

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R: Wimbledon – How do the seeds get on?

Continuing on with the Wimbledon data set I’ve been playing with I wanted to do some exploration on how the seeded players have fared over the years. Taking the last 10 years worth of data there have always had 32 seeds and with the following function we can feed in a seeding and get back the round they would be ...

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R: Speeding up the Wimbledon scraping job

Over the past few days I’ve written a few blog posts about a Wimbledon data set I’ve been building and after running the scripts a few times I noticed that it was taking much longer to run that I expected. To recap, I started out with the following function which takes in a URI and returns a data frame containing ...

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R: Scraping the release dates of github projects

Continuing on from my blog post about scraping Neo4j’s release dates I thought it’d be even more interesting to chart the release dates of some github projects. In theory the release dates should be accessible through the github API but the few that I looked at weren’t returning any data so I scraped the data together. We’ll be using rvest ...

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R: Scraping Neo4j release dates with rvest

As part of my log analysis I wanted to get the Neo4j release dates which are accessible from the release notes and decided to try out Hadley Wickham’s rvest scraping library which he released at the end of 2014. rvest is based on Python’s beautifulsoup which has become my scraping library of choice so I didn’t find it too difficult ...

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R: Removing for loops

In my last blog post I showed the translation of a likelihood function from Think Bayes into R and in my first attempt at this function I used a couple of nested for loops. likelihoods = function(names, mixes, observations) { scores = rep(1, length(names)) names(scores) = names   for(name in names) { for(observation in observations) { scores[name] = scores[name] * ...

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R: Snakes and ladders markov chain

A few days ago I read a really cool blog post explaining how Markov chains can be used to model the possible state transitions in a game of snakes and ladders, a use of Markov chains I hadn’t even thought of! While the example is very helpful for understanding the concept, my understanding of the code is that it works ...

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