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Multiple keyspaces using a single Spring Data CassandraTemplate

Following on from my last post Separate keyspaces with Spring Data Cassandra we will continue looking into using multiple keyspaces in Cassandra but this time focusing on using a single CassandraTemplate to perform queries, rather than creating extra templates for each keyspace that is being used. This removes the need to create extra sessions as each CassandraTemplate uses a session ...

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Separate keyspaces with Spring Data Cassandra

Following on from my previous post Getting started with Spring Data Cassandra we will look into using multiple keyspaces within an application. This will be a relatively short post due to most of the content being covered in the earlier post allowing us to focus on the code needed to allow multiple keyspaces and reasons why you might want to ...

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Getting started with Spring Data Cassandra

I have recently been learning Apache Cassandra to use at work and I think it is about time I consolidated my experience within a blog post. But rather than focusing on how Cassandra works itself this post will look at how to use Spring Data Cassandra. I know I just said I wouldn’t focus on how Cassandra works, but if ...

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Setting Up Cassandra Cluster in AWS

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database that allows for easy horizontal scaling, using the consistent hashing mechanism. Seven years ago I tried it and decided not use it for a side-project of mine because it was too new. Things are different now, Cassandra is well established, there’s a company behind it (DataStax), there are a lot more tools, documentation and ...

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Spring Web-Flux – Functional Style with Cassandra Backend


In a previous post I had walked through the basics of Spring Web-Flux which denotes the reactive support in the web layer of Spring framework. I had demonstrated an end to end sample using Spring Data Cassandra and using the traditional annotations support in the Spring Web Layers, along these lines: ... import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.*; import reactor.core.publisher.Flux; import reactor.core.publisher.Mono; ... @RestController @RequestMapping("/hotels") public class HotelController ...

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Cassandra At The Heart Of Globo’s Live Streaming Platform

A couple of years ago my friend Juarez Bochi wrote a post, here on Planet Cassandra, sharing the challenges we had implementing Globo.com’s live streaming platform, specially with the migration from Redis to Cassandra. For those not familiar, Globo.com is the internet branch for Grupo Globo, one of the 5 largest media conglomerates in the world, producing content such as ...

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Apache Spark, Cassandra and Game of Thrones

Apache Spark with Cassandra is a powerful combination in data processing pipelines.  In this post, we will build a Scala application with the Spark Cassandra combo and query battle data from Game of Thrones.  Now, we’re not going to make any show predictions!   But, we will show the most aggressive kings as well as kings which were attacked the ...

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One (Token) Ring to Rule Them All

For newcomers to Cassandra, all the terminology can be a little overwhelming at first. If you have experience with relational databases, some concepts like a “Row” or a “Primary Key” will be familiar. But other terms that seem straightforward can often be a little confusing, especially when paired with some of the visuals you see when learning about Cassandra. For ...

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Sorted pagination in Cassandra

Cassandra is a fantastic database for different use cases. There are different situations when you need to twist Cassandra a little and studying one of those could be a helpful exercise to better understand what is Cassandra about. Databases are complex beasts, approaching them with the right level of abstraction is vital. Their final goal is not storing data per ...

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