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Java EE 8 MVC: Global exception handling


In the previous previous posts we learned about various ways to access request information (e.g. query or path parameters) in Java EE MVC. This post shows how to apply global exception handling to an MVC application. Assume we have a controller method that might throw an IllegalArgumentException: @Controller @Path("illegal-argument") public class ExceptionController { [email protected]   public String doWork() {     // code that might throw an IllegalArgumentException   } } We could now add a ...

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Distributed Deep Learning with Caffe Using a MapR Cluster

We have experimented with CaffeOnSpark on a 5 node MapR 5.1 cluster running Spark 1.5.2 and will share our experience, difficulties, and solutions on this blog post. Deep Learning and Caffe Deep learning is getting a lot of attention recently, with AlphaGo beating a top world  player at a game that was thought so complicated as to be out of reach of ...

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Comparing Golang with Java

First of all I would like to make a disclaimer. I am not an expert in Go. I started to study it a few weeks ago, thus the statements here are kind of first impressions. I may be wrong in some of the subjective areas of this article. Perhaps I will write some time a review of this one later. ...

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SOLID: Liskov Substitution Principle

This is the third in the series of posts on SOLID Software Principles. We previously covered the Single Responsibility Principle and the Open-Close Principle. In this post, I will take you through the L in SOLID, the Liskov Substitution Principle. The primary idea behind the Open-Closed principle is achieved using inheritance i.e. introduce new classes for new functionality and keep the classes related to existing functionality ...

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What really must a Scrum Master do?

It’s been a decade since we have had Scrum development methodology introduced to us. I like Scrum, it is really the best way to deliver more value in a measurable way. The roles and responsibilities are clear and it gives autonomy to the development team. However, the one role that bothers me is that of the Scrum Master. Scrum Masters ...

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Scatter-Gather using Spring Reactor Core


I have a good working experience in using the Netflix Rx-Java libraries and have previously blogged about using Rx-Java and Java 8 CompletableFuture for a scatter-gather kind of problems. Here I want to explore applying the same pattern using the Spring Reactor Core library. tldr – If you are familiar with Netflix Rx-Java, you already know Spring Reactor Core, the API’s map beautifully ...

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Pitfalls of a Non-technical Manager

This post is intended towards the non-technical people working in the Software industry, specifically towards the non-technical manager who leads teams of developers. I hope to have a series of at-least two posts on this topic, if not more. Pitfalls of a Non-technical Software Manager (This post). Ways to improve management skills by developing technical knowledge. Non-technical people working in ...

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