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Create DynamoDB tables with Java


On this post we will create Tables on a DynamoDB Database the java way. Before getting started we need to have local dynamodb installed since we want to avoid any costs for dynamodb usage. There was a previous post on local dynamodb. In case you use docker you can find a local dynamodb image or you can create one on you ...

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Five Tips for a More Productive Team

Imagine if you could save 30 minutes per day for each member of your team with better tooling and processes. For a team of six, that adds 15 hours to the week, and with a full 15 hours, we can optimize other parts of our system. Let’s take a look at how just a few changes can lead to a ...

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Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Neon

In celebration of the latest Eclipse release, we provide a Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Neon. Congratulations and a big ‘thank you’ to all the diligent Eclipse committers and contributors that made the Neon version happen, great work! While the Clean Sheet Update for Eclipse Neon primarily ensures compatibility it comes also with some nice Look-and-Feel improvements. This post gives ...

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Spring Cloud Zuul Support – Configuring Timeouts


Spring Cloud provides support for Netflix Zuul – a toolkit for creating edge services with routing and filtering capabilities. Zuul Proxy support is very comprehensively documented at the Spring Cloud site. My objective here is to focus on a small set of attributes relating to handling timeouts when dealing with the proxied services. Target Service and Gateway To study timeouts better I have ...

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Create Resilient Camel applications with Hystrix DSL

Apache Camel is a mature integration library (over 9 years old now) that implements all the patterns from Enterprise Integration Patterns book. But Camel is not only an EIP implementation library, it is a modern framework that constantly evolves, adds new patterns and adapts to the changes in the industry. Apart from tens of connectors added in each release, Camel ...

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Otto: The Next Generation of Vagrant

Not so long ago, Vagrant was the prime tool that attempted to solve that time-immemorial problem of “it works on my machine.” Developers could create shareable Vagrant files to allow coworkers to spin up replica machines for testing code and the interconnecting parts of a typical modern project. Vagrant is far from dead, but it suffers from a couple of ...

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You’re doing it wrong: Iteration planning

Why do we do the things we do? When we can explain why we d: practice, decide to keep or change the way we do things, we should have better excuses than “that’s the way we’ve always done it” or “it is considered a best practice”. If these are the only answers we have, we’re in a bad place. In fact, if ...

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NoProjects applies to bread machines too

#NoProjects continues to attract an increasing amount of attention. In fact the idea now has its own NoProjects website – many thanks to Evan Leybourn [[check]] for that. From time to time I get asked: “Surely #NoProjects doesn’t apply to embedded software? After all, the software is installed, the device ships, end of story.” Maybe, but as in other cases ...

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How Apache Kafka and MapR Streams Handle Topic Partitions

Streaming data can be used as a long-term auditable history when you choose a messaging system with persistence, but is this approach practical in terms of the cost of storing years of data at scale?  The answer is “yes”, particularly because of the way topic partitions are handled in MapR Streams. Here’s how it works. Streaming Data as a Long ...

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