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How to Master Your Java Memory (and Save Your Programming)

Solve App Problems 10x Faster with AppDynamics – Monitor production apps at code-level depth with minimal overhead. Start a FREE Trial! You spent countless hours working out the bugs in your Java application and getting its performance where you need it. During the testing, you noticed the application getting progressively slower over time, outright crashing or exhibiting poor performance. You ...

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The Case for and Against Estimates, Part 1

After the article I referenced in Moving to Agile Contracts was published, there was a little kerfuffle on Twitter. Some people realized I was talking about the value of estimates and #noestimates. Some folks thought I was advocating never estimating anything. Let me clarify my position. I like order-of-magnitude estimates. I don’t hire people without either a not-to-exceed or an ...

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Observations From A History of Java Backwards Incompatibility

For the most part, Java is a very backwards compatible programming language. The advantage of this is that large systems can generally be upgraded to use newer versions of Java in a relatively easier fashion than would be possible if compatibility was broken on a larger scale. A primary disadvantage of this is that Java is stuck with some design ...

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Swift for the Java Guy: Part 2 – The basics

In Part 1 of this series we looked at how to get Swift up and running. In this part we will look the Differences between Java and Swift at a language level by creating the Swift classes and comparing them to Java.  For this article we will go over the basic of class construction. Firstly; Whats the same. Both languages ...

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Scala notes – Futures – 2 (Promises)

In the last post, we saw how to extract values from the Future upon onComplete and their counterparts – onSuccess and onFailure. We also saw how to use Await.result in Testcases to block and get the value from Future. In this post, we’ll discuss briefly about the relationship between a Promise and a Future. Promise The concepts Promise and a ...

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CUBA Platform – an open source Java framework for rapid application development

Traditionally, since the very beginning of the computing era, enterprise software development has faced one challenge when, naturally, it is supposed to be focused on solving real business problems, but at the same time developers have to spend significant time and efforts on the technical side of the solution, such as architecture and generic functionality implementation. In response to this ...

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Apache Hadoop HDFS Data Node Apache Mesos Framework

Intro This project allows running HDFS on Mesos. You should be familiar with HDFS and Mesos basics:         Project requires: Mesos 0.23.0+ JDK 1.7.x Hadoop 1.2.x or 2.7.x Mesos in Vagrant Project includes vagrant environment, that allows to run Mesos cluster locally. If you are going to use external Mesos cluster, you can skip this section. 1. ...

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Add Custom functionality to a Spring Data Repository


Spring Data is pretty convenient and speeds up development avoiding boilerplate code. However there are cases where annotation queries are not enough for the custom functionality you might want to achieve. Therefore spring data allows us to add custom methods to a Spring Data Repository. I will use the same project structure from a previous blog post. We have an entity called ...

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