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Five Tips for Introducing Product Management to Your Company

Summary Product management plays a vital role in the digital age: it enables innovation and growth. It’s therefore not surprising that more and more companies establish product management groups—including retailers, publishers, and banks that traditionally don’t employ product managers. But successfully introducing product management is not easy: I have seen a number of businesses struggle with this challenge. This post ...

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Automated Docker Application Deployment On OVH Public Cloud

DCHQ, a San Francisco-based startup delivering hybrid-cloud and enterprise application automation, is unveiling its support for OVH Public Cloud, an offering based on OpenStack with data centers in France and Canada. DCHQ now allows users to automate the provisioning and auto-scaling of cloud services (including compute, network, and storage) on OVH Public Cloud. Once the infrastructure is provisioned, DCHQ specializes ...

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Java 8: Use Smart Streams with Your Database in 2 Minutes

Streaming with Speedment When Java 8 finally arrived, some colleges and I started an open-source project to take the whole Java/DB issue one step further by leveraging on Java 8’s stream library, so that database tables could be viewed as pure Java 8 streams. Speedment was born! Wow, now we can do type-safe database applications without having to write SQL-code any ...

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We did it wrong, but not all was in vain

Yes, there was over engineering. Loads of it. Back in the mid 90s, when I started my career as a developer, the goal was to become an architect. No serious developer would dare writing a single line of code before selecting our preferred design patterns—we would then decide how the business requirements would fit into them. Yes, we would first ...

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How To Add Cloud Persistent Storage to JBoss Cool Store

We have been discussing why application developers can’t ignore their stack anymore in the  App Dev Cloud Stack series. Last month we brought a full retail example with the JBoss Cool Store running on the OpenShift Enterprise layer of your stack, provided by our Red Hat CDK installation. You can  leverage a retail example based on JBoss BRMS through the business central ...

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Quantified Self Meets IDE: A Year of Data

More than a year ago, I started tracking exactly what code I was working on using WakaTime. As I’ve moved from specialized to more generalized as a developer, I wanted some real data to know where I’m focusing; data I could use to drive decisions. Am I getting a picture of the full stack? Was our team too focused on ...

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Java 8: Bye Manual SQL, Hello Speedment!

Most applications written in Java require some form of data storage. In small applications this is often realized using a primitive JDBC-connection that is queried using ordinary SQL. Larger systems on the other hand often use an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks to handle the database communication. There are pro’s and con’s with both of these approaches, but both tend ...

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