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The spectacular instability of good code structure


A previous post noted that source code structure decays because there are many more ways to build a poorly structured system than a well-structured one, and so, without strict structural guidelines, a system will inevitably explore deeper into disorder state-space until it finds the dark nirvana of ball-of-mud-ness from which few escape. This short post merely demonstrates the phenomenon graphically. ...

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Apache Hadoop Tutorial – The ULTIMATE Guide (PDF Download)


EDITORIAL NOTE: Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework written in Java for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware. All the modules in Hadoop are designed with a fundamental assumption that hardware failures are common and should be automatically handled by the framework. Hadoop has become the de-facto tool ...

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Cloud Native Camel riding With JBoss Fuse and OpenShift


Red Hat recently released a Microservices integration toolkit for running our microservices in a Docker and Kubernetes environment on OpenShift v3. To help people understand this a little bit better, I’ve migrated the Rider Auto application, which has been around for a while for demoing Apache Camel and JBoss Fuse, into a set of microservices that you can run on ...

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Deploy Docker to Amazon Cloud using Tutum


Have you felt the need to run Docker containers on Amazon? Amazon Container Service requires extensive setup and manual work. This is meant for programmers who have plenty of time and willing to debug through multiple steps. For mundane programmers, like me, who like simple and easy to use steps, there is Docker Tutum! What is Docker Tutum? Docker Tutum is a SaaS ...

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The Essential Guide to Streaming-first Processing with Apache Flink


Editor’s note: This is a post by Apache Flink PMC members Fabian Hueske and Kostas Tzoumas. Fabian and Kostas are also co-founders of data Artisans.  A very large part of today’s data processing is done on data that is continuously produced, e.g., data from user activity logs, web logs, machines, sensors, and database transactions. Until now, data streaming technology was lacking in several ...

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Implied Readability


The hands-on guide to Jigsaw brushes past a feature I would like to discuss in more detail: implied readability. With it, a module can reexport another module’s API to its own dependents. Overview This post is based on a section of an article I’ve recently written for InfoQ. If you are interested in a Jigsaw walkthrough, you should read the ...

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Stressed? It’s Not the Industry, It’s Your Employer


Blog posts and discussion threads about the overwhelming stress felt by those in the software industry seem increasingly popular of late, and authors usually infer that the pressures (or combination thereof) are highly unique to software. The commenters usually skew young, but there is no shortage of experienced pros echoing these sentiments. There are clearly characteristics of the software business ...

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Docker Compose Environment Variable Binding Examples – Java, Node.Js, PHP, Python, And Ruby On Rails


DCHQ is fully compatible with Docker Compose ( The platform however provides core (optional) enhancements to Docker Compose supporting advanced plug-ins with lifecycle stages to handle service discovery use cases. It also supports cross-image environment variable bindings, automatic container IP retrieval and injection, and additional parameters like mem_min, publish_all, cluster_size, host, and registry_id. The service discovery framework takes care of ...

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