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Generational disparity in garbage collection

For the last year, I have been helping the startup Instana to create a Java agent that traces executions within a Java application. This execution data is collected and jointed to generate traces of user requests as well as the resulting communication between services within the system owner’s hemisphere. This way, unstructured communication can be visualized what significantly simplifies the ...

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Architectural Layers and Modeling Domain Logic


As I was discussing the PoEAA patterns used to model domain logic (i.e. transaction script, table module, domain model), I noticed that people get the impression (albeit wrong impression) that the domain model pattern is best. So, they set out to apply it on everything. Not Worthy of Domain Model Pattern Let’s get real. The majority of sub-systems are CRUD-based. ...

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Persisting Couchbase Data Across Container Restarts

Best Practices for Virtualized Platforms provide best practices for running Couchbase on a virtualized platform like Amazon Web Services and Azure. In addition, it also provide some recommendations for running it as Docker container. One of the recommendations is to map Couchbase node specific data to a local folder. Let’s understand that in more detail. Implicit Per-Container Storage If a Couchbase container is ...

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4 Hot Business Intelligence Trends: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Hits Its Stride (Part 3 of 4)

As the famous quote attributed to George Santayana goes, ‘Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.’ In business today, history is often locked away in data generated months or years earlier. Now, thanks to a new generation of truly user-friendly predictive analytics solutions, leading edge companies are able to forecast what might happen to their businesses based ...

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[MEGA DEAL] Novice to Expert Java Bundle (96%)

Go From Zero to Hero in the World’s Most Popular Programming Language Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering the Novice to Expert Java Bundle for only $39 instead of the original price of $1,180, yeap that is a massive 96% off. Iron Down Your Advanced Java Knowledge & ...

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Docker on Windows 2016 Server

This blog is the first part of a multi-part series. The first part showed how to set up Windows Server 2016 as a VirtualBox VM. This second part will show how to configure Docker on Windows 2016 VM. Start an elevated PowerShell session:             Run the script to install Docker: Install-Module -Name DockerMsftProvider -Repository PSGallery -Force Install-Package ...

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Coaches, Managers, Collaboration and Agile, Part 2

In Coaches, Managers, Collaboration and Agile, Part 1, I wrote about circumstances under which a team might want a coach. It wasn’t an exhaustive list. It had several questions defining when coaches might help the team to become agile, not be cargo cult agile. One of the reasons we might need coaches for a team is because of the changed manager role ...

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We can do better

I’m proud that many people are actively addresing diversity issues. Research shows that diversity leads to better problem solving and often, more creative solutions. Unfortunately the results of history lead us to where we are today, but we can always do better. I’m proud to be part of ThoughtWorks, where we are also trying to do our part to address ...

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