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Why should you care about equals and hashcode

Equals and hash code are fundamental elements of every Java object. Their correctness and performance are crucial for your applications. However often we see how even experienced programmers are ignoring this part of class development. In this post, I will go through some common mistakes and issues related to those two very basic methods. Contract What is crucial about mentioned ...

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Is it just about being the best coder?

Having worked in the software development industry for nearly a decade, I wanted to take a step back and look back on the journey so far. When I initially began my career, for me, it was about getting on board with the latest technological trends, learning new things I was interested in, experimenting with it and just learning everything I ...

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Tutorial: Build an Android Application with Secure User Authentication

Building Identity Management, including authentication and authorization? Try Stormpath! Our REST API and robust Java SDK support can eliminate your security risk and can be implemented in minutes. Sign up, and never build auth again! In this tutorial, we will build a simple Android app that stores user generated notes remotely, with user authentication managed by Stormpath and our new ...

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Kubernetes: Simulating a network partition

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post explaining how to create a Neo4j causal cluster using Kubernetes and … the I wanted to work out how to simulate a network partition which would put the leader on the minority side and force an election. We’ve done this on our internal tooling on AWS using the iptables command but ...

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Spring Environment is for initialization code only


Since version 3.1, the Spring framework offers an abstraction towards several different sources through which you can easily configure your application: the Environment. In this post I describe a micro benchmark that I ran to prove that, while it’s a convenient API if you’re using Spring in your application, it might introduce a performance penalty for which you should not ...

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Using Kafka with Junit

One of the neat features that the excellent Spring Kafka project provides, apart from a easier to use abstraction over raw Kafka Producer and Consumer, is a way to use Kafka in tests. It does this by providing an embedded version of Kafka that can be set-up and torn down very easily. All that a project needs to include this support is ...

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Pushing vs. Pulling Work in Your Agile Project

If you’re thinking about agile or trying to use it, you probably started with iterations in some form. You tried (and might be still trying) to estimate what you can fit into an iteration. That’s called “pushing” work, where you commit to some number of items of work in advance. And, if you have to service interruptions, such as support ...

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