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AWS Lambda for Serverless Java Developers: What’s in It for You?


How can serverless computing help your production infrastructure? The serverless computing architecture has been gaining attention during the past few years, since it’s focused on one of the major components in an application: the servers. This architecture takes a different approach. In the following post we’ll explain what it means to go serverless, and try to understand if and when ...

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Chinese whispers on Scrum roles

Few days ago, I attended the 2-day Martine Devos’ Certified Scrum Master, Estimation & Planning Class at Skills Matter. I had the privilege of meeting and learning from Martine Devos, one of the best Scrum trainer in Europe. This also gave me the opportunity to discuss many aspects of the Scrum process.. Becoming a Certified ScrumMaster® shouldn’t be the goal ...

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Improved Pattern Matching in Kotlin

Kotlin doesn’t have true pattern matching, and that’s fine. In order to make matchable classes in Scala, there is an awful lot of overhead required to make it work, and I highly respect Kotlin’s goal of not adding much overhead anywhere. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make our own way to get something closer to pattern matching. ...

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Integrating with RabbitMQ using Spring Cloud Stream


In my previous post I wrote about a very simple integration scenario between two systems – one generating a work unit and another processing that work unit and how Spring Integration makes such integration very easy. Here I will demonstrate how this integration scenario can be simplified even further using Spring Cloud Stream I have the sample code available here – the right maven ...

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Why I started learning Emacs in 2016

Why learn another editor in the first place? The main role of a good editor is to not get into your way while working, and maybe even help a bit from time to time. If you are a programmer, chances are you are spending a large amount of time using one – and that’s why it’s so important to choose ...

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Lazy evaluation


Recently i was writing log4j appender and wanted to use logger in it to log some diagnostic details during custom appender creation, but log4j initialization completes only after appender instance are created, so message logged during this phase are ignored. I felt the need for lazy initialization in custom appender and started to look at options. In this blog i will ...

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Communicating Design

Software design is crucial. It is the foundation of an application. Much like a blueprint, it provides a common platform for parties from all backgrounds. It facilitates understanding, collaboration, and development. Design should not be considered only an element of development. It should not live solely in developers’ minds, otherwise teams will find it near to impossible to grow, as ...

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