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Resolving JSON schema Changes with Drill and Python

Drill is a fantastic tool for querying JSON data. But Drill isn’t magical, and sometimes it runs into some data that it can’t quite handle (yet). This post walks through an example of such a scenario, and how you might work through the issue using a little bit of Python code. Scenario You have data where the schema changes. In ...

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The Case for and Against Estimates, Part 4

When we think about the discussion about estimates and #noestimates, I have one big question: Where do you want to spend your time? In projects, we need to decide where to spend our time. In agile and lean projects, we limit the work in progress. We prefer to spend our time delivering, not estimating. That’s because we want to be ...

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Carving the Java EE Monolith Into Microservices


Following my introduction blog about why microservices should be event-driven, I’d like to take another few steps and blog about it while I prep for a bunch of talks I’ve got coming up (See you at jBCNconf and Red Hat Summit in San Francisco). Follow me on twitter @christianposta for updates on this project. In this article we discuss the ...

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Configuring Amazon Web Services (AWS) for using Lambda

During the Software Craftsmanship and Testing conference UK, Mash run a session on AWS Lambda, with examples written in Java and python. Some other people also tried to do it in NodeJS. This session is here The first part, mostly accidental complexity, is how to setup the account to be able to use these services. This is the part that ...

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[MEGA DEAL] Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle (99% off)

Get Paid to Breach Cyber Security Systems—148+ Hours of Training to Jumpstart Your High-Paying IT Career Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering the Ethical Hacker & Pentester Pro Bundle in a “Pay What You Want” format that will get you an awesome deal. The original price was $1,431. ...

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The Case for and Against Estimates, Part 2

In the first part of this series, I said I liked order-of-magnitude estimates. I also like targets in lieu of estimates. I’ll say more about how estimates can be useful in part 3. In this part, I’ll discuss when I don’t like estimates. I find estimates not useful under these conditions: When the people estimating are not the people doing the ...

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How To Implement equals Correctly

A fundamental aspect of any Java class is its definition of equality. It is determined by a class’s equals method and there are a couple of things to be considered for a correct implementation. Let’s check ’em out so we get it right! Note that implementing equals always means that hashCode has to be implemented as well! We’ll cover that ...

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Integrating Quartz with Spring


When it comes to scheduling jobs in a java application, Quartz is the first tool that comes into consideration. Quartz is job scheduler backed up by most popular RDBMSes. It is really convenient and gets integrated with spring quite easy. In order to create the quartz schema you have to download the quartz distribution and extract the folder located in quartz-2.2.3/docs/dbTables/ Choose ...

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