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Distributed Quasar Actors with Kafka and ZeroMQ


So you’ve got a fancy design using actors, you’ve chosen the JVM and Quasar’s powerful, loyal take on the subject. All wise decisions, but then what are your options for distributing them on a cluster? Galaxy Galaxy is a really cool option: a fast in-memory data grid optimized for data locality with replication, optional persistence, a distributed actor registry and even ...

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AWS Lambda with API Gateway


In a previous post I showed you how to create and deploy an AWS Lambda. We will continue that work and look at updating just the code for that lambda. We will also add a REST endpoint to the AWS Lambda using AWS API Gateway. So before you continue … if you haven’t already, please follow the instruction in the ...

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How to Use the XML Plugin for Apache Drill

A few months ago, I created the first XML plugin for Apache Drill. The idea behind the plugin is simple: Since Apache Drill already has great support for JSON, why not convert the XML documents to JSON, and feed the information into the JSON driver for further processing and presentation in Apache Drill? In this blog post, I’ll show you ...

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Extreme Developer eLearning Courses Giveaway

Hey fellow geek! We have some great news! This week is giveaway week! We are running a contest giving away FREE eLearning Courses! We have everything, whether you are focused on Java programming, Web Development, System Administration, or well.. all the above! There will be totally 3 winners. Let’s see what prizes you can win… 1) Complete Java Programming Bootcamp ...

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Advice for managing software development?

When I started writing my management blog series one reader expressed their hope that I would give advice on how to manage software development. I’m sorry, but this series has contained very little advice on how to manage software development. There is a good reason for that: It is hard to give specific advice to managers. You can’t say “If ...

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3 Easy Things to Do to Make Your Microservices More Resilient

One of the advantages of building distributed systems as microservices is the ability of the system as a whole to withstand faults and unexpected failures of components, networks, compute resources, etc. These systems are resilient even in the face of faults. The idea behind this resiliency seems simple: if our monolith fails, everything for which it’s responsible fails along with ...

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When is Agile Wrong for You?

People often ask me, “When is agile  right or not right for a project?” I’ve said before that if the team wants to go agile, that’s great. If the team doesn’t, don’t use agile. That answer is insufficient. In addition to the team, we need management to not create a bad environment for agile. You might not have a great ...

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JBoss Fuse: dynamic Blueprint files with JEXL


In this post I’ll show how to add a little bit of inline scripting in your Apache Aries Blueprint xml files. I wouldn’t call it necessarely a best practice, but I have always had the idea that this capability might be usueful; probably I started wanting this when I was forced to use xml to simulate imperative programming structures like ...

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Whirlpool: Microservices Using Netty And Kafka

Introduction In my last blog, I introduced Netty being used as a web server. That example worked well… as long as a broadcast server is what was needed. Most of the time that is not very useful. It’s more likely that the need is for each client to receive only the data intended for them, with broadcasts reserved for special circumstances like “The ...

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G-Reg and ESB integration scenarios for Governance

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) employs WSO2 Governance Registry for storing configuration elements and resources such as WSDLs, policies, service metadata, etc. By default, WSO2 ESB shipped with embedded Registry, which is entirely based on the WSO2 Governance Registry (G-Reg). Further based on the requirements, you can connect to a remotely running WSO2 Governance Registry using a remote JDBC connection ...

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