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Carrying Worlds Within Worlds in Your Android Device

Smartphones (and, because of their size, to a lesser extent, tablets) are something that very few futurists or science fiction writers saw coming: most of the benefits of an advanced personal computer but in something so small you can carry it with you wherever you go. Mobile phones have rapidly evolved from bulky, ineffective portable phones, exclusively for the use ...

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Adding microbenchmarking to your build process

Introduction As an industry, we are adopting higher transparent and more predictable build processes in order to reduce the risks in building software.  One of the core principles of Continuous Delivery is to gather feedback via Feedback Loops.  At Dev9, we have adopted a ” first to know” principle that aligns with the CD principle which means that we (the dev team) ...

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Practical Reactor operations – Retrieve Details of a Cloud Foundry Application


CF-Java-Client is a library which enables programatic access to a Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller API. It is built on top of Project Reactor, an implementation of Reactive Streams specification and it is a fun exercise using this library to do something practical in a Cloud Foundry environment. Consider a sample use case – Given an application id I need to find a little more ...

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Multilayer Perceptron Predictions Exposed

Learning Deep Learning Currently, I learn Deep Learning fundamentals with the help of Jason Brownlee’s Deep Learning with Python book. It provides good practical coverage of building various types of deep learning networks such CNN, RNN etc. Running each model in the book is accompanied with providing various metrics, for instance, accuracy of the model. But accuracy does not provide a real ...

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Serverless FaaS with AWS Lambda and Java


What is Serverless Architecture? Serverless architecture runs custom code in ephemeral containers that are fully managed by a 3rd party. The custom code is typically a small part of a complete application. It is also called as function. This gives another name for serverless architecture as Function as a Service (FaaS). The container is ephemeral because it may only last for one invocation. The container may ...

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Writing RESTful Service using Node, Express and MongoDB

Looking at the popularity of Node.js, I thought of learning and creating a rest api that should create, delete and get employees from database and fortunately I did it. With this post, I will try to replicate the steps I followed while writing it along with references. Assuming Node.js is already installed in our system, let’s start creating nodejs-rest-api, following ...

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MapStruct : Transferring data from one bean to another

Converting data from one form to another is a highly utilized concept in IT industry. MapStruct allows annotation based bean conversion by generating mapper implementation at compile time. This makes sure there is no performance overhead at run-time. What is MapStruct? MapStruct is a code generator that greatly simplifies the implementation of mappings between Java bean types based on a ...

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