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Persistent Storage for Enterprise-Grade Spark Applications

Apache Spark is becoming very popular and widely used in the big data community. There are several reasons for Spark getting such rapid traction. These include its in-memory processing capabilities, support for a wide range of engines for various use cases such as streaming, machine learning, and SQL, and the ability to develop in multiple languages such as Python and ...

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An approach to help developers write meaningful tests

Over the last few years we have been adding unit tests to our existing product to improve its internal quality. During this period we always had the challenge of choosing unit-vs-Integration tests. I would like to mention some of the approaches we have applied to improve the quality of existing system. At its core, unit testing is about testing a single ...

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A Functional Approach to Logging in Apache Spark

Logging in Apache Spark is very easy to do, since Spark offers access to a logobject out of the box; only some configuration setups need to be done. In a previous post, we looked at how to do this while identifying some problems that may arise. However, the solution presented might cause some problems when you are ready to collect ...

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Java Productivity Tips: Top Picks from the Community

The community has spoken. We’ve gathered your best and greatest productivity hacks into one post. We all have our own little tricks that help get us in a working-mood and boost our productivity. We use tools to avoid tedious everyday tasks and run scripts to automate processes. We do all that just to make sure everything’s in place, working properly ...

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Docker Swarm Introduction (Tour Around Docker 1.12 Series)

Docker just published a new Docker Engine v1.12. It is the most significant release since v1.9. Back then, we got Docker networking that, finally, made containers ready for use in clusters. With v1.12, Docker is reinventing itself with a whole new approach to cluster orchestration. Say goodbye to Swarm as a separate container that depends on an external data registry ...

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Thoughts on Coupling in Software Design

Coupling is a software metric that describes how closely connected two routines or modules are. It is a measure of quality. The concept was introduced by Larry Constantine in the 1960s and was formulized in a 1974 article for the IBM Systems Journal, Structured Design, and in the 1979 book by the same name. Having modules A and B, the ...

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Scan DynamoDB Items with Java


On previous posts we covered how to query a DynamoDB database Query DynamoDB Part 1 Query DynamoDB Part2. Apart from issuing queries DynamoDB also offers Scan functionality. What scan does is fetching all the Items you might have on your DynamoDB Table. Therefore scan does not require any rules based on our partition key or your global/local secondary indexes. What scan offers is ...

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Controlling Unity3D Using C#, Part 2

Welcome back! This is part two of a three-part blog series on Unity 3D. In part one we discussed how to get started with Unity 3D. Now, moving along, we are going to discuss how to use C# to control Unity 3D. We left off after just having gained a solid understanding of how to get started with Unity 3D ...

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