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Coupling in distributed systems


Coupling and cohesion are key quality indicators. We strive for systems highly cohesive and loosely coupled, but high doesn’t mean pure. The same goes with functional programming, we aim for isolating and reducing side effects, but we need them unless we want a useless system. It’s good to modularise our systems, so whenever those modules need to talk to each ...

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Advanced config with configuration meta-data in Spring Bootstrap


After a short introduction to configuration meta-data and covering the basics in my previous post called Pimp your config with configuration meta-data in Spring Boot, it is time to take a look at how to take this one step further and further customize the configuration. In this post, I plan to present deprecation of a configuration property and discuss various value ...

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Cassandra: The Foundation Big Data Building Block


As Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at Instaclustr, Ben sets the technical direction for the company, identifying new features and capability. Ben is located in our Redwood City office and he was recognized as an Apache Cassandra MVP at the Cassandra Summit in 2015. Ben is active in the community often speaking at local meetups and presenting at related conferences. ...

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Deploying WildFly Swarm Applications To Heroku


WildFly Swarm applications can be deployed to Heroku, simply by adding a few files to the deployment. In this post, I’ll show the changes that are needed to be made to a WildFly Swarm application and how to then deploy the application to Heroku. I’ll show how to deploy my Fruits example WildFly Swarm application to Heroku. The source for ...

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I am a blessed software professional


Next year I will be celebrating 20 years as a software professional. It seems like yesterday when I delivered my first “business product” written in Pascal and I can assure you that I have the same passion and the same flame for software development, just like I had when I was 18 and I was a BSc freshman. I can ...

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A Look at the Upcoming JSF 2.3 Push Support


As mentioned in previous posts, there are a number of enhancements being added to the next release of JavaServer Faces (Mojarra).  JSF 2.3 is slated to be released with Java EE 8 in 2017, but you can get your hands on some of the enhancements and updates to JSF for testing purposes now by building from source or running a ...

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Create a Slack Docker proxy in Go – Part 2


In the previous article we had a look at how you could easily create a slack-docker-proxy using go and a couple of small libraries. In this second article we’ll show you how easy it is add additional commands, and we’ll look at how to dockerize this component to you can easily run it inside a docker daemon. Note that the ...

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Using Oracle AQ via Java 8 Streams


One of the most awesome features of the Oracle database is Oracle AQ: Oracle Database Advanced Queuing. The AQ API implements a full fledged, transactional messaging system directly in the database. In a classic architecture where the database is at the center of your system, with multiple applications (some of which written in Java, others written in Perl or PL/SQL, ...

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Blue-Green Deployment


Traditionally, we deploy a new release by replacing the current one. The old release is stopped, and the new one is brought up in its place. The problem with this approach is the downtime occurring from the moment the old release is stopped until the new one is fully operational. No matter how quickly you try to do this process, ...

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