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Integrate Spring Boot and EC2 using Cloudformation


On a previous blog we integrated a spring boot application with elastic beanstalk. The application was a servlet based application responding to requests. On this tutorial we are going to deploy a spring boot application, which executes some scheduled tasks on an ec2 instance. The application will be pretty much the same application taken from the official spring guide with ...

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How Applying Theory of Constraints Helped us Optimise our Code

My team have been working on improving the performance our API, and identified a database call as the cause of some problems. The team suggested three ways to tackle this problem: Scale up the database till it can meet our requirements. Introduce some light-weight caching in the application to reduce load on the database. Examine the query plan for this ...

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IoT Trends to Watch in 2017

2016 has been an incredible year for the IoT industry and the pace of innovation looks like it will accelerate in 2017. Last week I participated in a webinar, organized by Canonical, on the IoT trends to watch in 2017. It was a really good discussion, so feel free to listen to the recording.  I think it would also be interesting ...

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Spring Boot and Application Context Hierarchy


Spring Boot supports a simple way of specifying a Spring application context hierarchy. This post is simply demonstrating this feature, I am yet to find a good use of it in the projects I have worked on. Spring Cloud uses this feature for creating a bootstrap context where properties are loaded up, if required, from an external configuration server which is made available ...

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Connecting to Apache Drill with Power BI (Part 3)

In my first post, I showed how you might quickly deploy a Drill-enabled cluster to the Azure cloud using the MapR template available in the Azure Marketplace. In my next post, I showed you how you might get that Drill-enabled cluster to query an Azure Storage account as well as an Azure SQL Database. In this post, I want to ...

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Can Objects Be Friends?

As discussed before, proper encapsulation leads to a complete absence of “naked data.” However, the question remains: How can objects interact if they can’t exchange data? Eventually we have to expose some data in order to let other objects use it, right? Yes, that’s true. However, I guess I have a solution that keeps encapsulation in place while allowing objects ...

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Quick Tip To Prevent Your Caches From Exploding


There are many scenarios when you can benefit from caching commonly used objects in your application, especially in web and micro-service oriented environments. The most simple type of caching you can do in Java is probably to introduce a private HashMap that you query before calculating an object to make sure you don’t do the job twice. Here is an ...

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Consider Rolling Wave Roadmap and Backlog Planning

Many agile teams attempt to plan for an entire quarter at a time. Sometimes, that works quite well. You have deliverables, and everyone understands the order in which you need to deliver them. You use agile because you can receive feedback about the work as you proceed. You might make small adjustments, and you manage to stay on track with ...

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No, being wary doesn’t hurt Java. A comment about Java licensing.

So. Oracle want’s to make money from Java. And The Register published a very polarising piece with a super catchy title about it. According to their sources, “Oracle is massively ramping up audits of Java customers it claims are in breach of its licences”. While the Twitter-verse went ballistic about people criticising Oracle’s behaviour, I want to take a minute to ...

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