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The Case for and Against Estimates, Part 2

In the first part of this series, I said I liked order-of-magnitude estimates. I also like targets in lieu of estimates. I’ll say more about how estimates can be useful in part 3. In this part, I’ll discuss when I don’t like estimates. I find estimates not useful under these conditions: When the people estimating are not the people doing the ...

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How To Implement equals Correctly

A fundamental aspect of any Java class is its definition of equality. It is determined by a class’s equals method and there are a couple of things to be considered for a correct implementation. Let’s check ’em out so we get it right! Note that implementing equals always means that hashCode has to be implemented as well! We’ll cover that ...

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Integrating Quartz with Spring


When it comes to scheduling jobs in a java application, Quartz is the first tool that comes into consideration. Quartz is job scheduler backed up by most popular RDBMSes. It is really convenient and gets integrated with spring quite easy. In order to create the quartz schema you have to download the quartz distribution and extract the folder located in quartz-2.2.3/docs/dbTables/ Choose ...

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Unit vs Integration Akka Testing

This is the sixth post in the series about integrating sync clients with async systems (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Here we’ll see how to test Akka actors with different testing styles. Unit vs Integration Testing Nowadays everybody agrees with the famous testing pyramid:           Harder to achieve is an agreement on what integration, unit, functional ...

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Spark Streaming Testing with Scala Example

Spark Streaming Testing How do you create and automate tests of Spark Streaming applications?  In this post, we’ll show an example of one way in Scala.  This post is heavy on code examples and has the added bonus of using a code coverage plugin. Are the tests in this tutorial examples unit tests?  Or, are they integration tests?  Functional tests? ...

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Software Automation On a Budget

When a business is getting off the ground or a startup is launching, it’s understandable that money will be tight and cash flow all but nonexistent. There’s a tangible sense of urgency in getting the business’ core product ready, along with its marketing strategy and other core business functions, rather than focusing on the ideal automation solution. Anything that isn’t ...

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Beyond Real-time Data Applications – Whiteboard Walkthrough

In this week’s Whiteboard Walkthrough, Ellen Friedman, a consultant at MapR, talks about how to design a system to handle real-time applications, but also how to take advantage of streaming data beyond those in the moment insights.                 Here’s the undedited transcription: Hi, I’m Ellen Friedman. I’m a consultant for MapR and an ...

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The Case for and Against Estimates, Part 3

In Part 1, I discussed order-of-magnitude estimates and targets. In part 2, I said how estimates can be misused. In this part, I’ll discuss when estimation is useful. Here are several possibilities: How big is this problem that we are trying to solve? Where are the risks in this problem? Is there something we can do to manage the risk ...

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Improve your Logging in your Java EE Application with tinylog 1.1


tinylog is a lightweight logging framework for Java. In opposite to Apache Log4j and Logback, tinylog consists of a single JAR file of only 80KB without any dependencies and has a static logger class. This means that you haven’t to use any boilerplate code for creating a logger instance for each class. public static void main(String[] args) {"Hello World!"); ...

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Using Stored Procedures With JPA, JDBC. Meh, Just Use jOOQ

The current edition of the Java magazine has an article about Big Data Best Practices for JDBC and JPA by Josh Juneau: The article shows how to use a stored procedure with JDBC (notice how resources aren’t closed, unfortunately. This is commonly forgotten, even in Java Magazine articles) // Using JDBC to call upon a database stored // procedure CallableStatement ...

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