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Scaling the Product Owner Role

Summary In theory, the product owner is one person. But in practice, managing a larger, complex product is usually a shared effort. But how can product ownership be split without resulting in decisions by committee and creating a weak or even inconsistent product? In this post, I discuss different techniques to help you scale the product owner role successfully and ...

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You’re doing it wrong: Iteration planning, part 2

In this series, we’re taking a look at how we do things, and why. More importantly, why we are supposed to do things, and what’s the expected outcome. If you don’t get those outcomes, maybe you should try doing something else, or re-calibrate your expectations. Now, I know that based on the title, you’re expecting some #NoEstimates stuff, but not ...

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Java 9 Additions To Optional

Wow, people were really interested in Java 9’s additions to the Stream API. Want some more? Let’s look at …                   Optional Optional::stream This one requires no explanation: Stream<T> stream(); The first word that comes to mind is: finally! Finally can we easily get from a stream of optionals to a stream ...

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JGroups: Leader election without additional infrastructure


Hi there, in this post I’ll show how you can solve the problem of leader election without using any additional infrastructure like Apache Zookeeper or Consul. Leader election is a common way to solve the problem that in a distributed system only one instance must do a particular job. This could be for example triggering scheduled jobs coordinating connection establishment, when the ...

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The Librarian: Introduction to Test-Driven Development

This will be a series of articles revolving around unit testing where I will work through examples and exploring various aspects of the craft. This is the first installment. The code associated with this article can be found on GitHub. Future and past installments can be found in The Librarian Archive. I will try to implement a few requirements for ...

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Product Owners and Learning, Part 3

Part 1 was about how the PO needs to see the big picture and develop the ranked backlog. Part 2 was about the learning that arises from small stories. This part is about ranking. If you specify deliverables in your big picture and small picture roadmaps, you have already done a gross form of ranking. You have already made the big ...

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Installing Java Application As a Windows Service

It sounds like something you’d never need, but sometimes, when you distribute end-user software, you may need to install a java program as a Windows service. I had to do it because I developed a tool for civil servants to automatically convert and push their Excel files to the opendata portal of my country. The tool has to run periodically, ...

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Java 8: CompletableFuture vs Parallel Stream

This post shows how Java 8’s CompletableFuture compares with parallel streams when peforming asynchronous computations. We will use the following class to model a long-running task: class MyTask { private final int duration; public MyTask(int duration) { this.duration = duration; } public int calculate() { System.out.println(Thread.currentThread().getName()); try { Thread.sleep(duration * 1000); } catch (final InterruptedException e) { throw new RuntimeException(e); ...

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OpenMap Tutorial 5 – 3-tier GIS application

1. Introduction Welcome to the 5th tutorial of the OpenMap series of Tutorials.  OpenMap is a free open source Java GIS library. Here is a list of previous tutorials: In the first tutorial we created a basic OpenMap GIS application that displays a map with one shape layer, loaded from the filesystem, inside a JFrame. That tutorial was based on ...

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