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Learning Lucene


I am currently working with a team starting a new project based on Lucene. While most of the time I would argue on using either Solr or Elasticsearch instead of plain Lucene it was a conscious decision. In this post I am compiling some sources for learning Lucene – I hope you will find them helpful or you can hint ...

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Most difficult programming languages


What are the most difficult programming languages to learn? Most people would have written some code in programming languages such as Java, C, C++ etc. Going back a bit further into the past, many would have programmed in Pascal, Fortran, COBOL etc. While starting out on the learning curve, most of these languages might have posed enough challenges and caused you to pull ...

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Data Aggregation Spring Data MongoDB: Nested results


1 Introduction In a previous post, we built a basic example of an aggregation pipeline. Maybe you want to take a look at Data aggregation with Spring Data MongoDB and Spring Boot if you need more detail about how to create the project and configure the application. In this post, we will focus on learning a use case where it makes ...

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How to update a Jenkins job posting config.xml


Recently I wanted to update a few jobs (not defined with a DSL) in Cloudbees, adding to each of them a few properties. Well, I had some trouble making it work, here are my notes (I used Jenkins 1.651.2.1 but chances are it should work with older and more recent versions, such as jenkins 2) No security  / no auth ...

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Bowling Kata in Clojure, F# and Scala


In one of our evening apprenticeship meetings, a pair was doing the Bowling Kata in Java. After reviewing their code, I thought that it would be a good idea to do it myself. Every craftsman at Codurance is a polyglot developer and, although we have very similar values, we all have our own preferences when it comes to programming languages ...

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Simple Asynchronous Microservices using Lambda Architecture


Lambda Architecture is a simple, powerful, though limited example of a Microservice. As it is so simple, you want to use it as much as possible, to expose the more complex services/component in your system which cannot support this interaction model. Lambda Architecture depends on a data model with an append-only, immutable data source that serves as a system of ...

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A Retrospective in the Park


The other day, I facilitated a sprint retrospective in the park. The sun was shining, and we had all been working hard to complete our backlog, so it felt like a nice reward for everyone’s efforts. Holding a retrospective outdoors can also give it an energy and sense of enthusiasm that is harder to find in a small room. I’ve ...

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Management for the masses?


This is an important post. This is the ninth blog post in my mini-series on management, it is the blog post all the others have been building up to, let me recap some key points: When creating software there there is coding work, testing work, requirements work and some unavoidable management work Removing managers may remove some work (because managers ...

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Getting started with scala-native


This is just a quick recollection of the steps I’ve taken to get my own helloworld running using scala-native. I haven’t really started looking at scala-native in detail, but the idea behind it is really nice. Some general input about scala-native can be found here: The Github repository: Presentation from Scaladays NY:… Twitter to follow: @scala_native Since scala-native ...

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