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Spring Cloud Contracts and Spring Cloud Services on PCF


We had a customer recently who were quite interested in the idea of using Spring Cloud Contract (SCC) in order to prevent API ‘drift’ between microservices teams where individual development teams look after the individual API’s that form part of an enterprise application. Spring Cloud Contract is an implementation of the ‘Consumer Driven Contracts‘ concept for the Spring platform. From the ...

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Develop A Microservice with Forge, WildFly Swarm and Arquillian

In this post we are going to see how to develop a microservice using WildFly Swarm and Forge and testing it with Arquillian and Rest Assured. WildFly Swarm offers an innovative approach to packaging and running Java EE applications by packaging them with just enough of the server runtime to “java -jar” your application. JBoss Forge is a software development ...

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Better Complex Event Processing at Scale Using a Microservices-based Streaming Architecture (Part 1)


A microservice-based streaming architecture combined with an open source rule engine makes real-time business rules easy This post is intended as a detailed account of a project I have made to integrate an OSS business rules engine with a modern stream messaging system in the Kafka style. The goal of the project, better known as Complex Event Processing (CEP), is ...

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Extracting JavaDoc documentation from source files using JavaParser

A lot of people are using JavaParser for the most different goals. One of these is extracting documentation. In this short post we will see how you can print all the JavaDoc comments associated to classes or interfaces. Code is available on GitHub: Getting all the Javadoc comments for classes We are reusing DirExplorer, a supporting class presented in the introduction ...

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Processing Image Documents on MapR at Scale

There has been a lot of research in document image processing over the past 20 years, but not much research has been done in terms of parallel processing. Some of the solutions proposed for parallel processing have been to create threads of execution for each image, or to use GNU Parallel. In this blog post, you will learn how to ...

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What is software architecture?

What is software architecture? In the previous article “What is architecture?” we stated that architecture is about: Structural elements Connective elements Let us talk about these with regard to a software system.  In our next article we’ll talk about good and bad architecture. Structural elements Structural elements in software are layers that support other layers in the system: the language ...

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Spring boot and Cache Abstraction


Caching is a major ingredient of most applications, and as long as we try to avoid disk access it will stay strong. Spring has great support for caching with a wide range of configurations. You can start as simple as you want and progress to something much more customizable. This would be an example with the simplest form of caching ...

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DMN runtime example with Drools

As announced last year, Drools 7.0 will have full runtime support for DMN models at compliance level 3. The runtime implementation is, at the time of this blog post, feature complete and the team now is working on nice to have improvements, bug fixes and user friendliness. Unfortunately, we will not have full authoring capabilities in time for the 7.0 release, but ...

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3 Steps to Cloud Operations Happiness with CloudForms


There areThis week it was announced that the newest addition to the Cloud Suite management layer, CloudForms 4.2, was available for all to enjoy. many cool and new things to get excited about with over 1800 improvements added to the product. CloudForms is the Cloud management platform for the Cloud Suite product, providing you with the ability to deploy it federated across ...

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