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Spark Streaming and Twitter Sentiment Analysis


This blog post is the result of my efforts to show to a coworker how to get the insights he needed by using the streaming capabilities and concise API of Apache Spark. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to do some simple, yet very interesting analytics that will help you solve real problems by analyzing specific areas of a ...

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JavaFX Missing Features Survey: CSS


In the last post of the Missing Features Survey series I said that this post would be about missing features in CSS and FXML. Now it turns out that the survey submissions did not contain any valid FXML issues. So I will focus on CSS only. These are the CSS features that were reported missing: Full CSS support – some properties ...

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Sorted pagination in Cassandra


Cassandra is a fantastic database for different use cases. There are different situations when you need to twist Cassandra a little and studying one of those could be a helpful exercise to better understand what is Cassandra about. Databases are complex beasts, approaching them with the right level of abstraction is vital. Their final goal is not storing data per ...

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How to get started with Android development


Learning how to build a mobile application is a good project to improve your programming skills while learning to work in a different environment than the desktop or a web browser. You can get started without worrying about a large stack, making it easy for a beginner to pick it up and start playing with quickly. Building applications with the ...

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Drools 6.4.0.Final is available


The latests and greatest Drools 6.4.0.Final release is now available for download. This is an incremental release on our previous build that brings several improvements in the core engine and the web workbench. You can find more details, downloads and documentation here: Drools website Downloads Documentation Release Notes Read below some of the highlights of the release. Happy drooling. Drools ...

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Official Wildfly Swarm Drools Fraction


Oficial what? Long title for a quite small but useful contribution. Wildfly Swarm allows us to create rather small and self contained application including just what we need from the Wildfly Application Server. On this post we will be looking at the Drools Fraction provided to work with Wildfly Swarm. The main idea behind this fraction is to provide a quick way to bundle the ...

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JLBH Examples 4 – Benchmarking QuickFix vs ChronicleFix


In this post: Using JLBH to test QuickFIX Observing how QuickFix latencies degrade through the percentiles Comparing QuickFIX with Chronicle FIX As mentioned in the Introduction to JLBH the primary reason JLBH was created was to measure the Chronicle-FIX engine. We use all the features of JLBH, particularly the throughput lever and the accounting for coordinated omission to get some ...

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Git, your way – Meet Bitbucket, code collaboration on steroids


Hello fellow Java geeks. Today we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Atlassian to promote Bitbucket. Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams. A distributed version control system that makes it easy for you to collaborate with your team and ship high quality code. Fast! Bitbucket is the ONLY collaborative Git solution that massively scales! We are certain that ...

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7 ways to fail your optimization project


When you put your optimization project into production, your enterprise will decrease expenses, increase customer satisfaction, improve employee happiness and/or reduce its ecological footprint. But if the end-users reject your implementation, none of that will happen. Let’s take a look why they might do that. There are 7 common ways to fail your optimization project: Ignore the user’s plan Neglect ...

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DevOpsDays: Empathy, Scaling, Docker, Dependencies and Secrets


Last week I attended DevOpsDays 2016 in Vancouver. I was impressed to see how strong the DevOps community has grown from the time that I attended my first DevOpsDays event in Mountain View in 2012. There were more than 350 attendees, all of them doing interesting and important work. Here are the main themes that I followed at this conference: ...

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