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AWS IoT Button, Lambda and Couchbase

Getting Started with Serverless FaaS and AWS Lambda shows how to use a simple Java function to store a JSON document to Couchbase using AWS Lambda. This blog builds upon that and shows how an AWS IoT Button can be used as a trigger for that Lambda function. By end of this blog, you’ll learn: How to configure AWS IoT Button Use IoT Button as trigger ...

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Neo4j: Graphing the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

For a bit of Christmas holiday fun I thought it’d be cool to create a graph of the different blips on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar and how the recommendations have changed over time. I wrote a script to extract each blip (e.g. .NET Core) and the recommendation made in each radar that it appeared in. I ended up with a ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle (91% off)

Come to Grips with AWS, Linux, Docker & Other Enterprise Computing Systems in Over 69 Hours of Instruction Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering the Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle for only $48 instead of the original price of $552, yeap that is a massive 91% off. Go From ...

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Microservices are Commodity

I’m a big fan of Simon Wardley. I’m not able to follow everything he writes about, but even the old writings are very interesting and somehow it all makes sense in retrospective. If you haven’t read anything from him, this video is an excellent start (or go back a few years to the longer talk). In this article I’ll try ...

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Go: First attempt at channels

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I wanted to extract blips from The ThoughtWorks Radar into a CSV file and I thought this would be a good mini project for me to practice using Go. In particular I wanted to try using channels and this seemed like a good chance to do that. I watched a talk by ...

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Deploying RESTful Service on Cloudfoundry


In this post, we will deploy RESTful service on Cloudfoundry using Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Dev. As creating a restful web service is not a part of this post, I already created employee-service which have a static backend and available for clone from GitHub. Before deploying it on Cloudfoundry, let’s have a brief about it. Cloudfoundry Cloud Foundry is an ...

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Integrate Spring Boot and EC2 using Cloudformation


On a previous blog we integrated a spring boot application with elastic beanstalk. The application was a servlet based application responding to requests. On this tutorial we are going to deploy a spring boot application, which executes some scheduled tasks on an ec2 instance. The application will be pretty much the same application taken from the official spring guide with ...

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How Applying Theory of Constraints Helped us Optimise our Code

My team have been working on improving the performance our API, and identified a database call as the cause of some problems. The team suggested three ways to tackle this problem: Scale up the database till it can meet our requirements. Introduce some light-weight caching in the application to reduce load on the database. Examine the query plan for this ...

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IoT Trends to Watch in 2017

2016 has been an incredible year for the IoT industry and the pace of innovation looks like it will accelerate in 2017. Last week I participated in a webinar, organized by Canonical, on the IoT trends to watch in 2017. It was a really good discussion, so feel free to listen to the recording.  I think it would also be interesting ...

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