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Testing exceptions with JUnit 5

JUnit 5 brought pretty awesome improvements and it differs a lot from its predecessor. JUnit 5 requires Java 8 at runtime hence Lambda expressions can be used in tests, especially in assertions. One of those assertions is perfectly suited for testing exceptions. Setup the project To demonstrate JUnit 5 usage I used my long-lived unit-testing-demo Github project as it already ...

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Gluten-Free Management Recipes

We live in the era of organic food, eco-friendly toilets, zero-emission cars, and harassment-free offices. Our management practices have to keep up—they must be zero-stress, conflict-free, and idiot-friendly. If you’re still stuck in the old carrot-and-stick, mediocrity-intolerant, primitive mentality, these recipes will open your eyes.               Be Positive. You must remember that keeping people ...

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Balance Your Portfolio with the Product Portfolio Matrix

The product portfolio matrix is a handy tool that helps you make the right product portfolio decisions. This post explains how you can effectively apply it to manage a portfolio of digital products. The Matrix Reloaded The product portfolio matrix, also called growth–share and BCG matrix, wants to help you achieve the right blend of young and established products in order to ...

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[MEGA DEAL] Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle (93% off)

Study for the CISA, CISM, & CISSP Exams & Jumpstart a New Career Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering a massive 93% off on The Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle. Get it now with only $69, instead of its original price of $999.00. Cybersecurity Certification Mega Bundle Cybersecurity is ...

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jhsdb: A New Tool for JDK 9

I like to use the command-line tools provided with the JDK in the early steps of analyzing performance and other issues with Java-based applications and have blogged on tools such as jcmd, jps, jstat, jinfo, jhat and jmap, jrunscript, jstack, and jdeps. JDK 9 is bringing new command-line tools with multiple tools specifically related to new JDK 9 features such ...

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JUnit 5 – Parameterized Tests

JUnit 5 is pretty impressive, particularly when you look under the covers, at the extension model and the architecture. But on the surface, where tests are written, the development is more evolutionary than revolutionary – is there no killer feature over JUnit 4? Fortunately, there is (at least) one: parameterized tests. JUnit 5 has native support for parameterizing test methods ...

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