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Clean architecture of Selenium tests


In this blog post, I would like to introduce a clean architecture for Selenium tests with best design patterns: page object, page element (often called HTML wrapper) and self-developed, very small but smart framework. The architecture is not restricted to Java which is used in the examples and can be applied to Selenium tests in any other language as well. ...

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JavaFX Tips to Save Memory! Shadow Fields for Properties and Observables


In the world of JavaFX the Properties API allows UI developers to bind values to UI controls. This capability is surprisingly easy, however when object models use properties too often an application can quickly run out of memory. I usually will write two separate objects such as a pojo class and a presentation model object. This technique is often used in Swing based ...

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Simplifying nested loops with Java 8 Lambdas


This is just a quick tip for everyone who often has to work with multi dimensional arrays in Java 8 (or newer). In this case you might often end with code similar to this: float[][] values = ... for (int i = 0; i < values.length; i++) {   for (int k = 0; k < values[i].length; k++) {     float value = values[i][k];     // do something with i, k and value   } } If you are lucky you can replace the loops with for-each loops. However, often the indices are required for ...

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Java 8 Deferred Invocation with Java Util Logging


In the blog post Better Performing Non-Logging Logger Calls in Log4j2, I looked at approaches one can use in Log4j 2 to reduce or avoid invocation of methods in log statements that, based on the specified log level, are not actually logged at all. As part of this discussion, I covered Log4j 2‘s support for Java 8-based deferred execution using ...

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Ultimate Cloud Guide to Retail in the Cloud with JBoss Cool Store


We have been discussing why application developers can’t ignore their stack anymore in the App Dev Cloud Stack series. We talked about the various layers from the bottom up, but have yet to provide you with any application development tooling beyond the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK). All you have so far is an easy to install project called the Container Development Kit ...

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JavaFX Tip 23: Save Memory! Shadow Fields for Properties


Properties and property bindings introduced in Java 8 are extremely useful programming concepts. They are especially useful when you are developing user interfaces. In fact they are so useful that developers have fallen victim to the idea that everything should be a property instead of a primitive. Unfortunately they easily forget that properties such as SimpleLongProperty are much bigger objects than standard types such ...

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Software Can’t Live On Its Own


We’re building software in hope that some day we’ll leave it and it will live on its own. Or with minor supervision. But the other day when my father asked me to dig an old website, I did some thinking and realized auto-pilot software is almost never the case. Software is either being supported, or is abandonware, or is too ...

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Retry handling with Spring-Retry


Whenever software components communicate with each other, there is a chance for temporary self-correcting faults. Such faults include the temporary unavailability of a service, momentary loss of network connectivity, or timeouts that arise when a service is busy. In such situations a proper retry handling can reduce the problems these faults might cause. In this post we will see how ...

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Mutual Problems


The HTTPS protocol is the well-established standard for securing our connections. Understanding how this protocol works is not a problem and the corresponding RFC document is available since 2000. Despite HTTPS is used so widely, you can still find a software which doesn’t handle this protocol without unnecessary complexity. Unfortunately I’v experienced problems during the implementation of mutual authentication in ...

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Implement a SciPy Stack Docker Image


SciPy is a powerful python library, but it has many dependencies including Fortran. So Running your Scipy code in a docker container makes absolute sense. We will use a private registry: docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --name registry registry:2 I will use a Centos image. Centos is a very popular linux distribution based on RedHat which is a commercial Linux ...

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