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Heavy lifting is the easy bit

If you want to annoy me say something like “Building software should be like building a house…”. To say I’m not a fan of physical building metaphors is something of an understatement, but… I think I may have notice something. Take that picture above, no they are not space rockets, they are swords. The Sunday morning, for the first time ...

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Project Amber: The Future of Java Exposed

If all goes according to plan (Project Jigsaw we’re looking at you), Java 9 is set to launch in less than 100 days. You can join the countdown to its release right here. It will come packed with a long list of new and upgraded features, some we can’t wait to see in action. However, there are a few features ...

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A Remote Slave Is Still a Slave

Working remotely is definitely a trend, according to the BLS and my personal observations. “Let them work from home” seems to be the silver bullet for every second startup and even some big companies like Buffer, Automattic, Groove, and many others. However, in most cases, the replacement of a brick-and-mortar office with a virtual one doesn’t help companies and their slaves employees ...

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Testing Dockerized SQL Databases

One of the big advantages of using Docker for testing is that you don’t need to install the required dependencies of code under tests in all machines where you are going to run these tests. This is really helpful for external services such as database servers, mail services, JMS queues, … Also one of the big advantages of this approach is ...

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Play and SBT basics

Previously we had an introduction to sbt, its default tasks and how to add extra tasks. Play comes with the sbt console. The SBT console is a development console based on sbt that allows you to manage a Play application’s complete development cycle. Let us create a play application using sbt and see the commands provided. sbt new playframework/play-scala-seed.g8 [warn] ...

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SBT basics

Sbt is the de facto build tool in the Scala community. Being used to other build tools you will be familiar with the commands clean – Deletes files produced by the build, such as generated sources, compiled classes, and task caches. compile – Compiles sources test – Executes all tests package – Produces the main artifact, such as a binary ...

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With Agile, No Warnings Needed

Have you ever worked on a project where the management and/or sponsors felt it necessary to provide you warnings: “This release better do this or have that. Otherwise, you’re toast.” I have, once. That’s when I started to use release criteria and check with the sponsors/management to make sure they agreed. I happen to like release criteria. Even better is ...

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