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Spring Environment is for initialization code only


Since version 3.1, the Spring framework offers an abstraction towards several different sources through which you can easily configure your application: the Environment. In this post I describe a micro benchmark that I ran to prove that, while it’s a convenient API if you’re using Spring in your application, it might introduce a performance penalty for which you should not ...

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Using Kafka with Junit

One of the neat features that the excellent Spring Kafka project provides, apart from a easier to use abstraction over raw Kafka Producer and Consumer, is a way to use Kafka in tests. It does this by providing an embedded version of Kafka that can be set-up and torn down very easily. All that a project needs to include this support is ...

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Pushing vs. Pulling Work in Your Agile Project

If you’re thinking about agile or trying to use it, you probably started with iterations in some form. You tried (and might be still trying) to estimate what you can fit into an iteration. That’s called “pushing” work, where you commit to some number of items of work in advance. And, if you have to service interruptions, such as support ...

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Microservices Series: A Quick Look At Service Discovery Patterns

Introduction In a typical monolithic layered architecture, a presentation or a controller layer communicates with the service layer through a function call. The request URL has a fixed endpoint address which is used to invoke different services or service functions. With microservices, you are dealing with plethora of services with dynamic endpoint address and number of service instances. Microservices based ...

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Keep your promises: contract-based testing for JAX-RS APIs


It’s been a while since we talked about testing and applying effective TDD practices, particularly related to REST(ful) web services and APIs. But this topic should have never been forgotten, especially in the world where everyone is doing microservices, whatever it means, implies or takes. To be fair, there are quite a lot of areas where microservice-based architecture shines and ...

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The Well Rounded Architect

In this blog post, I explore the six different dimensions I covered in my recent talk at the O’Reilly Software Architecture conference in London called “The Well Rounded Architect.” The elements of the well-rounded architect Acting as a Leader Being a developer Having a systems focus Thinking like an entrepreneur Balancing strategic with tactical thinking Communicating well Acting as a ...

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How DevOps Teams Prepare for Cyber Monday

Solve App Problems 10x Faster with AppDynamics – Monitor production apps at code-level depth with minimal overhead. Start a FREE Trial! As we head into the Thanksgiving weekend with thoughts of relaxing with family and friends, there are a group of folks who will still be working or on call the whole time. The Dev and Operations teams of major ...

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Apache Spark: A Quick Start With Python

Spark Overview As per the official website, “Apache Spark is a fast and general engine for large scale data processing” It is best used with clustered environment where the data processing task or job is split to run on multiple computers or nodes quickly and efficiently. It claims to run program 100 times faster than Hadoop platform. Spark uses something ...

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