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GWT HTTP requests alternatives

For several reasons, many GWT users ditched the RPC mechanism which is the standard way offered by GWT to call the backend. They found themseleves lost between GWT RequestBuilder and other external librairies which may or may not fit their application model. The objective of this post is to go through the well known HTTP/Rest libraries in GWT in an ...

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Creating HTTP Server in Go

In this post, we will create a simple HTTP server in Go following some simple steps. Before starting, let me give you a brief introduction about Go. What is Go? Go is an open source programming language which is case sensitive and statically-typed with syntax similar to that of C language created at Google in 2007. It compiles very quickly, ...

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Serializing/Deserializing Json in GWT

JSON & GWT There was recently an interesting discussion in GWT Users group about best practices for serializing/deserializing JSON in the client side. This post aims to highlight its important points. There is so far three different ways of converting an object to JSON and back from the client side in GWT: gwt-jackson framework: gwt-jackson wraps some of the functionalities ...

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Progressive Web apps recipes for GWT

Progressive or not progressive… If you have been designing or developing web applications for a while, you would have probably came across the term Progressive Web application a tons of times, and will probably do so for the coming years. You probably wondered what exactly is the definition of PWAs, how we identify one, and how we build one. According ...

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JsInterop, Web Components, Polymer: A beginner’s guide

JsInterop Back when GWT was released, there wasn’t that much of Javascript libraries, so having a two way interoperability between Java and JS was not that attractive. GWT offered a way to write Javascript inside Java classes using JSNI. But now with the changing landscape of the Javascript ecosystem, GWT developers need something more elaborate than JSNI. From version 2.7, ...

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Android Things bot: How to Build an IoT bot to execute tasks

In this tutorial, we will cover how to implement an Android Things bot to execute tasks. This is an interesting topic because it mixes two emerging technologies as Internet of Things (IoT) and bots. As you may know, Android Things is the new Google OS built for Internet of things. This OS helps you developing professional IoT projects without knowing much about ...

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Overview of Scala.js from a GWT developer perspective

This blog is heavily biased towards GWT (and GWT based frameworks), but we are keeping in my mind that GWT may be taken over by other technologies in the future, so we are always open to exploring other platforms/frameworks. As they say, diversification reduces risk. Every programming language, even the weirdest ones, have their “to javascript” compiler:, so GWT ...

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What Are the Top 10 Causes for Unhappiness Among Developers

A new study lays out the main reasons that lead to unhappy software developers. But why is it so important? Are you happy as a software developer? If that question sounds weird or out of place, it shouldn’t be. It’s a pressing issue for employers, HR teams and companies in general. A happy developer is often a productive developer, and ...

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Dependency injection in GWT using Dagger 2

Dependency injection is a software development concept where objects are provided with all the objects or values than they need for creation. GWT users have been familiar with GIN, but this last has been deprecated and is not supported anymore, so applications using GIN currently need really to say farewell. Dagger is the new dependency injection framework for GWT. For ...

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