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Clinic: Product Owner/Manager question

An old product manager friend writes…. “Just started a new gig as senior product manager at blah blah blah Discovering that scrum teams aren’t organized around products but rather engineering components. For instance a product manager has to work with three different scrum teams: – front end – back end – data science This makes it hard for Product Managers ...

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Quick Introduction to the Computer Vision API

What Is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a hot topic these days because some of the biggest tech companies are focused on taking this technology to a new level. For instance, to help develop autonomous driving cars, better interaction between you and your house with products like the Amazon Echo. Machine learning is a core sub-area of artificial intelligence. Machine ...

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Java’s Observer and Observable are Deprecated in JDK 9

In the blog post Applying JDK 9 @Deprecated Enhancements, I discussed additions of the optional elements (methods) forRemoval() and since() to the @Deprecated annotation in JDK 9. I stated in that post, “The application of new JDK 9 @Deprecated methods on the Java SE API can also be instructive in how they are intended to be used.” In this post, ...

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Heavy lifting is the easy bit

If you want to annoy me say something like “Building software should be like building a house…”. To say I’m not a fan of physical building metaphors is something of an understatement, but… I think I may have notice something. Take that picture above, no they are not space rockets, they are swords. The Sunday morning, for the first time ...

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Project Amber: The Future of Java Exposed

If all goes according to plan (Project Jigsaw we’re looking at you), Java 9 is set to launch in less than 100 days. You can join the countdown to its release right here. It will come packed with a long list of new and upgraded features, some we can’t wait to see in action. However, there are a few features ...

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A Remote Slave Is Still a Slave

Working remotely is definitely a trend, according to the BLS and my personal observations. “Let them work from home” seems to be the silver bullet for every second startup and even some big companies like Buffer, Automattic, Groove, and many others. However, in most cases, the replacement of a brick-and-mortar office with a virtual one doesn’t help companies and their slaves employees ...

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