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Service Discovery with Docker and Consul: part 1


During the last year I’ve become a big fan of using Consul for all things related to service discovery. If you’re doing microservices you’ve probably ran into the issue that when the number of services you create increases it becomes more and more difficult to manage the communication between all these services. Consul provides a perfect fit for this problem. ...

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Agile Economics: Early and Often


In order to be in business, we need to answer two questions: How do we make money? How do we make more money? Most people focus on the first one, rather than the second one. And rightly so. Money is important not just because it buys nice things. It keeps the boat afloat (that’s the company) and allows us to expand ...

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Multiple Assertions in a Test are Fine


Intro Oh yes; another article that attempts to defy traditional thinking. First it was that static methods are fine. Then I told you that Singletons are fine. Now, I’m saying a case can be made for multiple assertions in a single test. This will be a short one, too. Why Only One? First, I’ll look at the reasons that people ...

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Fast, Scalable, Streaming Applications with MapR Streams, Spark Streaming, and MapR-DB


Many of the systems we want to monitor happen as a stream of events. Examples include event data from web or mobile applications, sensors, or medical devices. Real-time analysis examples include: Website monitoring , Network monitoring Fraud detection Web clicks Advertising Internet of Things: sensors Batch processing can give great insights into things that happened in the past, but it ...

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Button of Choice: Use ToggleButtons as RadioButtons


For MQTT.fx I wanted to use ToggleButtons to e.g. choose the de coding of a MQTT Message or the QoS Level: I found out that in context of a ToggleGroup ToggleButtons behave different than RadioButtons in terms of selection/deselection: unlike RadioButtons ToggleButtons can still be set to unselected state. A RadioButton extends ToggleButton and overrides fire() (which is invoked when a user gesture indicates that an ...

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The Parameterless Generic Method Antipattern


A very interesting question was posted to Stack Overflow and reddit just recently about Java generics. Consider the following method: <X extends CharSequence> X getCharSequence() { return (X) "hello"; } While the unsafe cast seems a bit wonky, and you might guess there’s something wrong here, you can still go ahead and compile the following assignment in Java 8: Integer ...

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Presenting the Java Developer Course Bundle


60+ Hours, 5 All-Level Courses: Become a Java Programming Pro Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering The Java Developer Course Bundle for only $39 instead of the original price of $291, yeap that is 86% off. You get Instant digital download with your order! Gain the Java programming ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Addressing Concurrency Issues


Inserts, updates and deletes. Every framework tutorial starts with these and they are seen as the most basic functionality that just works. But what if two concurrent requests try to modify the same data? Or try to insert the same data that should be unique? Or the inserts and updates have side-effects that have to be stored in other tables ...

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