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10 Product Backlog Tips

Using the product backlog can be challenging, and many product owners wrestle with overly long and detailed backlogs. This blog post provides ten practical tips that help you work with your product backlog effectively. Tip #1: Complement your Product Backlog with a Product Roadmap Use a roadmap to sketch the overall journey you want to take your product on. State ...

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Machine Learning For All

The Rise of the Machines In recent decade we are witnessing the resurrection of interest in neural networks due to advances in computing hardware such as GPU accelerators and availability of large data sets such as Facebook, YouTube etc. for training those networks. As a result there are a great number of research articles and practical applications emerged in the filed ...

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Coaches, Managers, Collaboration and Agile, Part 3

I started this series writing about the need for coaches in Coaches, Managers, Collaboration and Agile, Part 1. I continued in Coaches, Managers, Collaboration and Agile, Part 2, talking about the changed role of managers in agile. In this part, let me address the role of senior managers in agile and how coaches might help. For years, we have organized our people ...

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Running Flowable on CockroachDB


What is CockroachDB? CockroachDB is a project I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now with great interest. It’s a an open-source, Apache 2 licensed, database (Github link) that heavily draws inspiration from the Google Spanner whitepaper. At it’s core its a key-value store that scales horizontally. What makes it really interesting for us though, is that 1) it supports SQL by using the Postgres ...

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Java Microservices: The Cake Is a Lie but You Can’t Ignore It

What does building a microservice actually means? Answered through the eyes of microservice frameworks It’s becoming impossible to ignore the microservices trend. Some would say it’s just another unbearable buzzword, while others would recite the advantages of breaking down a monolith or take the contrarian approach and focus the negative aspects. In this post, we’ll take a down to earth ...

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Spring Boot & Multi module projects – Adding module specific property files


Hello! In this post I will show you several ways how you can add module specific properties files in a Spring Boot project. It will cover a manual approach for making the property files profile aware and a semi automatic way that is profile aware. An example project is published on my Github account ( Reasons for having dedicated property files ...

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Neo4j: Find the intermediate point between two lat/longs

Yesterday I wrote a blog post showing how to find the midpoint between two lat/longs using Cypher which worked well as a first attempt at filling in missing locations, but I realised I could do better. As I mentioned in the last post, when I find a stop that’s missing lat/long coordinates I can usually find two nearby stops that ...

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What’s New in Speedment 3.0


If you have followed my blog you know that I have been involved in the open-source project Speedment for a while. During the summer and fall I have worked a lot with finishing up the next big 3.0.0 release of the toolkit. In this post I will showcase some of the cool new features we have built into the platform ...

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Drools 7 to support DMN (Decision Model and Notation)

The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) specification is a relatively new standard by OMG (Object Management Group) that aims to do for business rules and business decisions what BPMN (it’s sibling specification) did for business processes: standardize the notation and execution semantics to enable both its use by business users, and the interchange of models between tools from different vendors. The Drools ...

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I’m Not Good Enough (Hope They Don’t Find Out)

“Man, I am in over my head! Everyone here is so much smarter than I am. Hope they don’t find out how dumb I really am. They’ll laugh me right out the door.” Maybe it’s just me, or maybe, you have had thoughts like this too? For the one or two out there who may have had similar thoughts, this ...

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