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JSF: Validation at the right phase (understanding the life cycle)

Hi everyone! Although the title emphasises the word validation, this article is actually about the JSF life cycle. That’s because I believe that one of the easiest ways to truly understand the life cycle is by making something we do all the time: validating user input. In general, understanding the so called JSF Life Cycle is what sets apart junior ...

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I Found My Java Remake!

Back in January, I wrote a post about some changes I would love to see in the Java language that would make me like it a lot more (and would make it more modern). A lot of people suggested a lot of JVM languages, but I largely dismissed them because that’s not what I was looking for. I wanted Java ...

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Spring Batch Tutorial – The ULTIMATE Guide (PDF Download)


This tutorial is about Spring batch, which is part of the Spring framework. Spring Batch provides reusable functions that are essential in processing large volumes of records, including logging/tracing, transaction management, job processing statistics, job restart, skip, and resource management. It also provides more advanced technical services and features that will enable extremely high-volume and high performance batch jobs through ...

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Excellent! Groovy Intends to Join Apache Software Foundation

In the post “Total Bummer: Pivotal Drops Groovy“, I briefly wrote about Pivotal’s decision to drop Groovy and hoped that Groovy would find a new home. I was pleased to read the announcement that the Groovy project intends to join the Apache Software Foundation. My experience is that some of the best maintained, best supported, and best documented open source ...

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How to Land a Software Engineering Job?

The other day I read this piece by David Byttow on “How to land an engineering job”. And I don’t fully agree with his assertions. I do agree, of course, that one must always be writing code. Not writing code is the worst that can happen to a software engineer. But some details are where our opinions diverge. I don’t ...

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10 Java Articles Everyone Must Read

One month ago, we’ve published a list of 10 SQL Articles Everyone Must Read. A list of articles that we believe would add exceptional value to our readers on the jOOQ blog. The jOOQ blog is a blog focusing on both Java and SQL, so it is only natural that today, one month later, we’re publishing an equally exciting list ...

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CDI & EJB: Sending asynchronous mail on transaction success


Hello again! :) This time I’ve chosen a common task that most of the time, in my opinion, is done the wrong way: sending e-mails. Not that people can’t figure out how e-mail APIs work, such as JavaMail or Apache’s commons-email. What I usually see as a problem is that they underestimate the need to make the sending mail routine ...

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Apache Wicket with Lambda Expressions

What’s up? :) I’ve been working on some projects that thankfully use Apache Wicket for the presentation layer. It naturally occurred to me how Java’s 8 lambda expressions fit perfectly with Wicket. And not just me, the Wicket team seems to be already working on changing the API to provide support for lambdas out of the box. This article will ...

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JDBC入门教程 – 终极指南

本教程主要介绍JDBC(Java数据库连接)—— 一个Oracle提供的API,它可以帮助程序员处理Java应用程序中不同数据库的访问问题:程序员可以通过它建立与数据库的连接;定义特定的客户端使之可以访问给定的数据库;提供一种能够读取、插入、更新和删除数据库中的数据项的机制;以及控制由不同SQL语句组成的事务。 在本文中我们会介绍主要的JDBC组件,包括声明(Statement)、结果集(Result Set)、存储过程(Stored Procedure)。 程序员们需要针对不同的数据库提供相应的驱动程序;在后面的章节我们会结合一些实例来详细解释。 JDBC是伴随Java的产生而产生的;它的第一个版本产生于1997年2月,也就是JDK1.1的发布日期;自那以后,JDBC已经成为Java的一个重要组成部分。JDBC相关的主要包有: 和 关于JDBC的最新版本和开发、维护信息可以访问JSR 221获得。 本文中的所有例子的实现环境是Java 8 update 0_25和Eclipse SDK  Luna 4.4. 你可以在本文的最后下载所有这些例子,而且还可以下载其他更多的例子! 目录 1. 组件(Components) 2. 数据库连接(Connections) 3. 数据类型(Data types) 4. 驱动程序(Drivers) 5. 数据库(Databases) 6. 结果集(Result Sets) 7. 存储过程(Stored Procedures) 8. 声明(Statements) 9. 批处理命令(Batch Commands) 10. 事务(Transactions) 11. CRUD 命令 12. Java 8 13. 基于JDBC的SQL类库 14. 单元测试 15. 总结 16. 源码下载 17. 相关链接 1. 组件(Components) JDBC API使得程序员和Java应用程序可以与数据库进行交互。它能够在各种数据源环境下:执行不同的SQL语句、处理返回的结果集。 在这一节中,我们会综述并列出一些最重要的JDBC组件,他们都是Java应用程序的一部分;我们会在接下来的章节详细介绍它们。 首先,Java应用需要创建并建立与特定数据库的连接。这可以通过Driven Manager完成,比如,接口java.sql.DriveManager的实例;或者直接通过JDBC数据源进行连接。接口javax.sq.DataSource可以用来建立JDBC数据源连接。后面的章节会详细介绍这些组件。 一旦连接到数据库,我们就可以使用java.sql.Connection来执行CRUD (创建-create, 读取-read, 更新-update, 删除delete) SQL 语句或操作。后面的章节会详细介绍这些语句。 为了执行这些操作,程序员可以使用基于java.sql.Statement and java.sql.PreparedStatement 的类。需要多次执行相同的语句,后者会更高效一些,另外它也提供了一些我们将会在本教程后面章节提到的优点。接口JDBC连接提供了很多机制来创建statement实例: PreparedStatement countriesStatement = connection.prepareStatement("UPDATE COUNTRIES SET ...

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