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How Java 9 And Project Jigsaw May Break Your Code

Java 9 looms on the horizon and it will come with a completed Project Jigsaw. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I learned from a recent discussion on the OpenJFX mailing list that it may break existing code. This is very unusual for Java so it piqued my interest. I went reading the project’s JEPs and some related ...

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How does Hibernate READ_ONLY CacheConcurrencyStrategy work

Introduction As I previously explained, enterprise caching requires diligence. Because data is duplicated between the database (system of record) and the caching layer, we need to make sure the two separate data sources don’t drift apart. If the cached data is immutable (neither the database nor the cache are able modify it), we can safely cache it without worrying of ...

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Clustering Using Docker Swarm 0.2.0

One of the key updates as part of Docker 1.6 is Docker Swarm 0.2.0. Docker Swarm solves one of the fundamental limitations of Docker where the containers could only run on a single Docker host. Docker Swarm is native clustering for Docker. It turns a pool of Docker hosts into a single, virtual host. This Tech Tip will show how ...

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Why Start-Ups Fail

You’ve probably heard that a start-up’s chance of success is very low. There are many factors of why that happens. I want to illustrate this through the waterfall process that plagues many companies,. Waterfall, the root of all evil? Wasn’t it killed by agile? We’ll see. The process we’re talking about looks like this:     Vision – A startup ...

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Gradle Goodness: Handle Copying Duplicate Files

In Gradle we can configure how duplicate files should be handled by the Copy task. Actually we can configure how duplicate files are handled by any task that implements the CopySpec interface. For example archive tasks also implements this interface. We must use the setDuplicatesStrategy method to configure how Gradle behaves. The parameter is a value of the enumeration DuplicatesStrategy. ...

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Scala Snippet: How to filter a list in Scala

In Scala, filtering and processing collections is easy and elegant. There are many filtermethods available, but the most used will probably the basic filter method. Here’s a code example of some filtering on my (ex)camera collection. The filter method will not only work on Lists, but on any Scala collection. object MyCameraCollection02 { class Camera(_brand: String, _model: String, _sensorType: String, ...

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Simplify your logging with tinylog 1.0

With a size of only 75 KB, tinylog is a lightweight alternative to the widespread classical logging frameworks Log4j and Logback. The final version 1.0 has been just released at the end of March, after three years of development. In several design issues, tinylog takes a deliberately different approach from classical logging frameworks in Java. This article will show the ...

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Spring-session demonstration using docker-compose


I have earlier written about an exciting new project called Spring-session which provides a clean way to externalize user sessions for java based web applications. I managed to get a good demonstration set-up for spring-session using docker-compose which shows off the strengths of this project and I wanted to write about this here. In short, this is the set-up that ...

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UA Web Challenge Conference: SpringIO for startups


On this week I was speaking on UA Web Challenge Conference in BackEnd section. I’ve chosen strange topic of my talk – “SpringIO for startups”. What is the result of it? I’m going to summarise below. Within three past years I’ve been developed different personal web projects. I never called them “startups” further more no one from them are in ...

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