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Concourse caching for Java Maven and Gradle builds

Concourse CI 3.3.x has introduced the ability to cache paths between task runs. This feature helps speed up tasks which cache content in specific folders – here I will demonstrate how this feature can be used for speeding up maven and gradle based java builds. The code and the pipeline that I am using for this post is available at my github repo here – ...

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Default and private methods in Interfaces

In this tutorial we will look at default and private methods within interfaces. Default methods were added in Java 8 allowing methods to be added to an interface that comes with a default implementation that could be used, overridden or ignored without causing issues to existing classes that have implemented an interface. Private methods were missing when default methods were ...

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How to convert a lambda expression to method reference in Java 8?

If you have been coding in Java 8 then you know that using method reference in place of lambda expression makes your code more readable, hence it is advised to replace lambda expression with method reference wherever possible, But, the big question is, how do you find whether you can replace a lambda with method reference? Yes, it’s not that easy, ...

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New Java Webinar: How Comcast Automates Production Debugging to Serve over 10 Million XFINITY Users

How does Comcast automate deployments without compromising the reliability of the X1 Platform for XFINITY TV? Automated workflows are becoming a golden standard for delivering top quality products in an agile environment. End users expect to receive updates faster, and product teams need to move quickly without compromising on product quality. To achieve that on the engineering side, any new ...

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JAX-RS vs Spring for REST Endpoints


Hate building auth? Okta makes it fast and straightforward to implement user management in your Java app. Get authentication, authorization, and user analytics working in minutes. Try the APIs Free! Let’s Compare: JAX-RS vs Spring for REST Endpoints Need to decouple your web service and client? You’re probably using REST endpoints, and if you’re a Java shop you’ve probably tried ...

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How to create a thread-safe ConcurrentHashSet in Java 8?

Until JDK 8, there was no way to create a large, thread-safe, ConcurrentHashSet in Java. The java.util.concurrent package doesn’t even have a class called ConcurrentHashSet, but from JDK 8 onwards, you can use newly added keySet(default value) and newKeySet() method to create a ConcurrentHashSet backed by ConcurrentHashMap. Unlike tactical solutions like using concurrent hash map with dummy value or using ...

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Java Command-Line Interfaces (Part 11): CmdLn

This post describes using Ostermiller Java Utilities 1.08.02‘s CmdLn (Java Command Line Parser) to process command-line arguments from Java-based applications. The Ostermiller Java Utilities include several different types of utilities, but the focus of this post is on the “Command Line Parser” that is described on the components page, “Handle options and arguments to Java command line programs.” The Ostermiller ...

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What is private in Java 9?

When doing interviews I experience that most of the candidates do not know what private modifier in Java really means. They know something about it that is enough for every day coding, but far from complete. It is not a problem. Knowing enough is, well… enough. But it is still interesting to know some of the inner working of Java. ...

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