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What is the fastest Garbage Collector in Java 8?

OpenJDK 8 has several Garbage Collector algorithms, such as Parallel GC, CMS and G1. Which one is the fastest? What will happen if the default GC changes from Parallel GC in Java 8 to G1 in Java 9 (as currently proposed)? Let’s benchmark it. Benchmark methodology Run the same code 6 times with a different VM argument (-XX:+UseSerialGC, -XX:+UseParallelGC, -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC, ...

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Server-sent events with RxJava and SseEmitter


Spring framework 4.2 GA is almost released, let’s look at some new features it provides. The one that got my attention is a simple new class SseEmitter – an abstraction over sever-sent events easily used in Spring MVC controllers. SSE is a technology that allows you to stream data from server to the browser within one HTTP connection in one ...

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Building modern web applications using Java and Spring


Creating Java web applications using Spring Framework has never been easier. If you’re already familiar with Java and have little to no experience creating web applications, or if you’re worried that all the cool kids abandoned Java in favor of Ruby and Node.js, you want to read this. My intention is to provide here a practical guide to get up and running quickly on ...

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Building A Chat App With Codename One Part 3

In the previous section we went over the login with Google process, in this section we’ll go over the login with Facebook. At this time we’ll skip the “invite friends” option since that is blog post all on its own and we can just add that functionality to the completed application. With Google we will use our email as the ...

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In-memory Data Model and Persistence for Big Data


ORM frameworks help developers when they want to interact with relational databases. There are many excellent ORM frameworks for relational databases such as Hibernate and Apache OpenJPA and some of them are really good. Nowadays, big data is emerging and more and more people develops applications which runs on big data. There have been developed different kinds of NoSQL databases to store such ...

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Is Asynchronous EJB Just a Gimmick?


In previous articles (here and here) I showed that creating non-blocking asynchronous applications could increase performance when the server is under a heavy load. EJB 3.1 introduced the @Asynchronous annotation for specifying that a method will return its result at some time in the future. The Javadocs state that eithervoid  or a Future must be returned. An example of a ...

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Commons VFS, SSHJ and JSch in Comparison

Some weeks ago I evaluated some SSH libraries for Java. The main requirements to them are file transferring and file operations on a remote machine. Therefore, it exists a network protocol based on SSH, SSH File Transfer Protocol (or SFTP). So I needed a SSH library that supports SFTP. A research shows that it exits many SSH libraries for Java. ...

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Getting Started with ELK Stack on WildFly

Your typical business application would consist of a variety of servers such as WildFly, MySQL, Apache, ActiveMQ, and others. They each have a log format, with minimal to no consistency across them. The log statement typically consist of some sort of timestamp (could be widely varied) and some text information. Logs could be multi-line. If you are running a cluster of servers then these logs ...

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The 10x Developer Blueprint

There’s been a lot of discussions on 10x developers, whether they exist or not (for example, here and here). I believe they do exist and by following a blueprint eventually we can all become one. Based on my 10+ years experience as a software developer I put together a list of actionable guidelines that can help anyone get closer to 10x. Avoid Decision Fatigue ...

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