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Adding Database Logging to JUnit3

We have written many thousands of JUnit3 tests over the last decade and are now trying to consolidate the results in a database instead of scattered log files. It turns out to be remarkably easy to extend the TestCase class to do this. Note: this approach does not directly apply to JUnit4 or other test frameworks but it’s usually possible ...

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Increasing complexity one entity at a time

While working on one of our internal tools, I decided to make a small comprise and not follow my own advice. We are building a mini CRM tool and the initial requirements were: Maintain information about the companies we are dealing with; Maintain a list of contacts per company; Maintain a list of engagements (projects, training, consultancy) per company. NOTE: ...

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Set up a SpringData project using Apache Cassandra

On this post we will use Gradle and spring boot in order to create a project that integrates spring-mvc and the Apache Cassandra database. First we will begin with our Gradle configuration group 'com.gkatzioura' version '1.0-SNAPSHOT' apply plugin: 'java' apply plugin: 'eclipse' apply plugin: 'idea' apply plugin: 'spring-boot' buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-gradle-plugin:1.2.5.RELEASE") } } jar ...

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Unix: Redirecting stderr to stdout

I’ve been trying to optimise some Neo4j import queries over the last couple of days and as part of the script I’ve been executed I wanted to redirect the output of a couple of commands into a file to parse afterwards. I started with the following script which doesn’t do any explicit redirection of the output: #!/bin/sh   ./neo4j-community-2.2.3/bin/neo4j start ...

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JBoss BRMS Complex Event Processing (CEP) Performance Benchmark


 Technologies come and go, but one thing remains constant. We love the complex components that make our lives easier when designing enterprise solutions and as architects and developers we are constantly searching for ways to make our lives easier. One way to do this is to keep up on the popular new sites that relate to technologies of interest. Another ...

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Using YAML over the network

Overview There is a number of popular text based protocols for exchanging data over the network. These include XML, FIX, and JSON. Chronicle Engine uses YAML which has some advantages and disadvantages. Isn’t text slower than binary? Text protocols are slower than binary protocols. The cost of encoding numbers and even unicode strings adds an overhead for the CPU. While ...

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Sed: Using environment variables

I’ve been playing around with the BBC football data set that I wrote about a couple of months ago and I wanted to write some code that would take the import script and replace all instances of remote URIs with a file system path. For example the import file contains several lines similar to this: LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM ...

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Impulse: “Adventures On The Road to Valhalla”

With all this talk about Java 9 and Project Jigsaw we should not loose sight of another big change coming to Java. Hopefully in version 10 or 11 Project Valhalla will come to fruition and introduce value types and specialization. So what is this about, how far along is the project and what challenges does it face? A couple of ...

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Flag Parameters and Overloading in Python, Java, and Kotlin

Jumping around between multiple languages can help you notice some differences between idioms and best practices in different languages. One of the more interesting differences has to do with one function doing multiple things. Python We’ll look at Python first. Python is actually incapable of overloading, since defining a new function/method with the same name would just overwrite the previous ...

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