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Developing Modern Applications with Scala: Reactive Applications


1. Introduction In the last couple of years many software systems, used by millions and even billions of people every day, have started to face unprecedented scalability requirements. In many regard the traditional software architectures were pushed to its limits, unveiling the urgent need to come up with other architectural styles which better suit the demands of the modern world. ...

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One-shot Delete with Hibernate (JPA)


In older versions of Hibernate, I can see the one-shot delete indicated in the manual. But newer versions no longer have this section. I’m not sure why. So, in this post, I take a look if it still works. The one-shot delete section says: Deleting collection elements one by one can sometimes be extremely inefficient. Hibernate knows not to do ...

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iOS 10: New Operating System, New You!


iOS 10. It’s almost here. Are you ready for it? We’re guessing you’re not quite ready, but you know you need to be. You have to stay up-to-date on operating systems to keep your best clients and get new ones, but it can be hard to keep track of the changes. Well, it was hard. This might make it a ...

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Reference by Identity in JPA


In a previous post, I mentioned that I opted to reference other aggregates by their primary key, and not by type. I usually use this approach (a.k.a. disconnected domain model) when working with large or complex domain models. In this post, let me try to explain further how it can be done in JPA. Note that the resulting DDL scripts ...

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Neo4j: Cypher – Detecting duplicates using relationships


I’ve been building a graph of computer science papers on and off for a couple of months and now that I’ve got a few thousand loaded in I realised that there are quite a few duplicates. They’re not duplicates in the sense that there are multiple entries with the same identifier but rather have different identifiers but seem to be ...

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Spring Integration – Polling file creation and modification


1 Introduction File support is another of Spring Integration’s endpoints to communicate with external systems. In this case, it provides several components to read, write and transform files. During this post, we are going to write an application which monitors a directory in order to read all files in there. In concrete it does the following: When the application starts, ...

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Why you Should Attack Your Systems – Before “They” Do


You can’t hack and patch your way to a secure system. You will never be able to find all of the security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your code and network through scanning, or by paying outsiders to try to hack their way in. The only way to be secure is to design and build security in from the beginning: threat ...

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