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Best Practices for Multi-Tier Java Application Deployments on Docker Containers on Any Cloud

This article is based on a DCHQ Whitepaper (September 2015). DCHQ is an Advanced Platform for Automation of Container based Apps on any Cloud. The hosted platform is perfect for development teams that are quickly growing and looking to automate the deployment, life-cycle management and monitoring of applications to reduce the cost of replicating applications in DEV/TEST environments. Sign Up ...

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Resource Efficiency vs. Flow Efficiency, Part 5: How Flow Changes Everything

The discussion to now: Resource Efficiency vs. Flow Efficiency, Part 1: Seeing Your System Resource Efficiency vs. Flow Efficiency, Part 2: Effect on People Resource Efficiency vs. Flow Efficiency, Part 3: Managing Performance Resource Efficiency vs. Flow Efficiency, Part 4: Defining Accountability When you move from resource efficiency (experts and handoffs from expert to expert) to flow efficiency (team works ...

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Your DI framework is killing your code

I read a really interesting post recently looking at the difference between typical OO code and a more functional style. There’s a lot to be said for the functional style of coding, even in OO languages like Java and C#. The biggest downside I find is always one of code organisation: OO gives you a discoverable way of organising large amounts of ...

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Avoid NullPointerException: Safe Navigation with Groovy

We know it’s all too common in Java to get a NullPointerException when we use an object reference which is null. This happens when our code tries to access a method or field of an object, or element of an array when there’s no instance present – e.g. it refers to null. class Animal { String name Animal parent } ...

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JavaFX Real-World Apps: AISO HRC-Matic

Application number three in the “Real-World JavaFX Apps” series is a heavy-duty data entry application backed up by a relational database called HRC-Matic. It is being developed by AISO in Geneva. AISO is a company specialised in developing business applications based on JavaFX. They are also working on the application presented in my first blog in this series (European Broadcasting Union). ...

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