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Traits and Mixins Are Not OOP

Let me say right off the bat that the features we will discuss here are pure poison brought to object-oriented programming by those who desperately needed a lobotomy, just like David West suggested in his Object Thinking book. These features have different names, but the most common ones are traits and mixins. I seriously can’t understand how we can still ...

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Dealing with Java’s LocalDateTime in JPA


A few days ago I ran into a problem while dealing with a LocalDateTime attribute in JPA. In this blog post I will try to create a sample problem to explain the issue, along with the solution that I used. Consider the following entity, which models an Employee of a certain company – @Entity @Getter @Setter public class Employee { @Id ...

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The Ten Commandments Of Continuous Delivery

Everyone wants to implement continuous delivery. After all, the benefits are too big to be ignored. Increase the speed of delivery, increase the quality, decrease the costs, free people to dedicate time on what brings value, and so on and so forth. Those improvements are like music to any decision maker. Especially if that person has a business background. If ...

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Handling the Extremes: Scaling and Streaming in Finance

Editor’s Note: At Strata+Hadoop World 2016 in New York, MapR Director of Enterprise Strategy & Architecture Jim Scott gave a presentation on “Handling the Extremes: Scaling and Streaming in Finance.” As Jim explains, agility is king in the world of finance, and a message-driven architecture is a mechanism for building and managing discrete business functionality to enable agility. In order to ...

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Whats Next? – Agile disruption

A question from a LinkedIn follower, I thought I’d share my answer with readers: “Hey Allan, I’m giving this a shot reaching out to you. I recently was exposed to agile in the workplace (I am in a field now that I did not study) and am learning more about the process. My company introduced it to me. I have ...

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Upcoming Webinar: 5 Best Practices for Debugging Java in Production


Does your team spend over 10% of its time debugging Java in production? Deploying new code to production is a challenging task. What works on your local environment doesn’t act the same in production, and you find out about that through your users. Not ideal, right? Debugging in production is a key element that can help you understand how your ...

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Ceylon 1.3.2 is now available

Ceylon 1.3.2 is a significant minor release of the Ceylon language, with over 100 issues closed. This release introduces Ceylon assemblies, allows you toexport Ceylon modules as Maven repositories, makes it even easier than before to have a mixed Java and Ceylon project in Maven, allows string interpolation in assertions, and introduces lazy initialization for attributes. This release of Ceylon ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Professional Ethical Hacker Bundle (97% off)

19 Hours of Practice to Prepare You to Pass 5 IT Industry-Leading Certification Exams Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering the The Professional Ethical Hacker Bundle for only $49 instead of the original price of $1,680, yeap that is a massive 97% off. “Hacking” is a term that ...

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