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IOT in a Nutshell

Call it a buzzword, hype, talk of the town, new kid on the block, the in thing, well the Internet of Things (IOT) is all things that can be made to talk to internet. It boils down to things providing data of some sort that can be used to perform different types of analysis. IOT is an abstract concept that ...

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Tomcat’s Default Connector(s)

Tomcat has a couple of connectors to choose from. I’ll leave aside the APR connector, and focus on the BIO and NIO. The BIO connector (blocking I/O) is blocking – it uses a thread pool where each thread receives a request, handles it, responds, and is returned to the pool. During blocking operations (e.g. reading from database or calling an ...

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Building A Chat App With Codename One Part I

In this tutorial we will cover the basics of building a good looking chat application with Codename One that will work on all mobile OS’s. We will cover everything from design to social network login and the actual chat behavior. This tutorial is for a hand coded application mostly because GUI builder tutorials require video and are thus less searchable. ...

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Scaling Kubernetes Cluster

Automatic Restarting of Pods inside Replication Controller of Kubernetes Cluster shows how Kubernetes reschedule pods in the cluster if one or more of existing Pods disappear for some reason. This is a common usage pattern and one of the key features of Kubernetes. Another common usage pattern of Replication Controller is scaling: The replication controller makes it easy to scale the ...

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How Detailed should the Product Backlog be?

Summary The product backlog is a great tool. But using it effectively can be difficult. One of the challenges is to get the level of detail right. An overly detailed backlog is unwieldy and hard to manage. But a product backlog that is too coarse-grained is also not helpful: It provides too little guidance for the development team. This post ...

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Understanding Callable and Spring DeferredResult


1. Introduction Asynchronous support introduced in Servlet 3.0 offers the possibility to process an HTTP request in another thread. This is specially interesting when you have a long running task, since while another thread processes this request, the container thread is freed and can continue serving other requests. This topic has been explained many times, but there seems to be ...

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RESTful timers in Java EE


In this post…. Whirlwind tour of EJB timers Working with EJB timers on the fly via simple REST interface with a sample implementation Update (14 July 2015) The front end for the application is now available on OpenShift. Since I am a front end novice, I assembled this HTML5 + AngularJS app with help from other sources :) So it ...

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Sending JMS Messages From WildFly 8 To WebLogic 12 with Camel

System integration is a nice challenge. Especially, when you’re looking for communication standards and reliable solutions. In today’s microservices world, everybody talks about REST services and http-based protocols. As a matter of fact, this will never be enough for most enterprise projects which typically tend to have a much more complex set of requirements. A reasonable solution is a Java ...

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