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多线程和并发面试问题与答案 – 终极列表(PDF下载)

编者按: 并发一直是开发者的挑战,编写并发程序可以是非常困难的。当涉及并发,有一系列事情可能会出现和系统复杂性大幅提高。但是,编写健壮的并发程序的能力是开发者的一个伟大的工具,可以帮助建立复杂的企业级的应用。在这篇文章中,我们将讨论可用于编程面试的不同类型问题,以评估面试者对并发和多线程的的认识问题。这些问题不仅是Java的特异性,同时也关于常规的编程原则。享受! 提示,您是否在寻找Java中的职业发展机会?   请访问我们的Job Board 搜索和查看一个为世界各地的IT专业人员手工挑选 Java就业机会的平台.   此外,您可以将您的简历发给我们的 Resumes Board 推广自己的技能给全球广泛的Java招聘人员。 目录 1. 什么是我们理解的并发? 2. 进程和线程之间的区别是什么? 3. 在Java中,什么是进程和线程? 4. 什么是调度器? 5. 一个Java程序至少有多少个线程? 6. 如何在Java应用程序中访问当前线程? 7. 每一个Java线程有哪些特性? 8. 线程组的目的是什么? 9. 线程有什么状态,每一个状态的意思是什么? 10. 我们如何设置线程的优先级? 11. 如何在Java创建线程? 12. 我们如何停止在Java的线程? 13. 为什么一个线程不会被调用的方法stop()停止? 14. 是否有可能启动一个线程两次? 15. 下列代码的输出结果是什么? 16. 什么是守护线程? 17. 有可能当一个普通用户线程已经开始了,将它转为守护线程吗? 18. 我们怎么理解忙等待? 19. 怎么避免忙等待? 20. 我们能否把Thread.sleep()用于实时处理? 21. 一个线程在被放在使用线程休眠Thread.sleep()前怎么被唤醒? 22. 怎么查询一个线程是否已经中断? 23. 如何处理一个InterruptedException异常? 24. 在启动子线程后,我们如何在父线程等待子线程终止? ...

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4 Creative Ways to Test Your Code in Production

What are some considerations and things to think about if I want to get the most out of testing in my production environment? Production environments are a different beast. No matter how much effort you put into staging environments, you’re only truly getting real life conditions, and therefore real life data, in production. Everyone does some degree of testing in ...

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JavaOne 2015 – Tips And Recommendations For Your Submission

Everybody knows JavaOne. It feels like, it’s been there forever. And even if we had our ups and downs and the location isn’t exactly what we want it to be and San Francisco is expensive and and and. It is the number one premium conference about all kinds of Java. And being part of the program committee (“Java, DevOps, and ...

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Why “No Source Control” Is Not A Problem

Because having source control is a solution. Sometimes we get fixated on something that’s missing, and we’re sure that’s the problem. When we can control it, it really isn’t a “real” problem, because it’s easily solved. But in many cases, the solution is out of our control, and we think that if only we had that missing piece of the ...

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Is Your Eclipse Running a Bit Slow? Just Use This Simple Trick!

You wouldn’t believe it until you try it yourself. I’ve been using the Eclipse Mars developer milestones lately, and I’ve been having some issues with slow compilation. I always thought it was because of the m2e integration, which has never been famous for working perfectly. But then, it dawned upon me when I added a JPA persistence.xml file to run ...

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JUnit: Testing Exceptions with Java 8 and AssertJ 3.0.0

AssertJ 3.0.0 release for Java 8 makes testing exceptions much easier than before. In one of my previous blog post I described how to utilize plain Java 8 to achieve this, but with AssertJ 3.0.0 much of the code I created may be removed. Warning: this blog post contains mostly the code examples.     SUT – System Under Test ...

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Using Rhino with Java 8

Java brings Nashorn as new JavaScript implementation for JSR 223 (javax.scripting). While this is certainly great news (Nashorn is way faster than Rhino by directly generating Java code), it comes with some challenges: Nashorn is not 100% compatible with Rhino. Rhino had some extensions and more or less other interpretations on how to combine the Java world with JavaScript. Therefore ...

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Know Your IDE: Eclipse

When I made the switch from .NET to Java, I naturally had to switch IDEs. With moving to Java, I chose Eclipse. I was fortunate to have a great group of coworkers that took time out of their schedule to share shortcuts and tips to allow me to utilize Eclipse to the fullest extent. One of the first shortcuts I ...

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