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Reduce Legacy from Java EE 5 to 7


Java EE 5 was first introduced in 2005, while Java EE 7 came out in 2013. There is a 7 year gap between both versions and in technology terms it’s like a century. Many organizations are still stuck using Java EE 5 and there are many valid reasons why they choose not to upgrade. Still, these become irrelevant if you ...

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Docker Global Hack Day #3: On-demand YARN Clusters

Editor’s note: This post was a result of the combined efforts of Swapnil Daingade, Sarjeet Singh, and Mitra Kaseebhotla. We recently had the pleasure of participating in Docker Global Hack #3. We are happy to announce that we won first place in the “freestyle” category, which meant that our solution had to use features from the latest Docker releases, including ...

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Deployment Automation of Docker WebLogic Cluster on Any Cloud

Sign Up for FREE on to get access to out-of-box multi-tier Java, Ruby, Python, and PHP templates along with application lifecycle management functionality like monitoring, container updates, scale in/out and continuous delivery. Background Java developers and DevOps professionals have long struggled to automate the deployment of enterprise Java applications. The complex nature of these applications usually meant that application ...

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Run 10,000 Docker Containers in Less than 45 Minutes on 30 Rackspace Cloud Servers with 4GB of Memory Each

Background While application portability (i.e. being able to run the same application on any Linux host) is still the leading driver for the adoption of Linux Containers, another key advantages is being able to optimize server utilization so that you can use every bit of compute. Of course, for upstream environments, like PROD, you may still want to dedicate more ...

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Gentle Introduction to Hystrix – Wrapup


This is a follow up to two other posts – Motivation for why something like Hystrix is needed in a distributed systems and a basic intro to Hystrix. This will be a wrap of my Hystrix journey with details of various properties that can be tweaked to change the behavior of Hystrix and will touch on a few advanced concepts ...

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How to Find the Longest Consecutive Series of Events in SQL

A very interesting problem that can be solved very easily with SQL is to find consecutive series of events in a time series. But what is a consecutive series of events in a time series? Take Stack Overflow, for example. Stack Overflow has a cool reputation system that uses badges to reward certain behaviour. As a social website, they encourage ...

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OpenMap Tutorial Part 2 – Build a basic map application using the MapHandler – Part 1

1. Introduction In the first tutorial we created a basic OpenMap GIS application that displays a map with one shape layer, loaded from the filesystem, inside a JFrame. That tutorial was based on We used the following OpenMap classes in that tutorial: MapBean, PropertyHandler, ShapeLayer, com.bbn.openmap.util.SwingWorker. We added a MapBean to a JFrame. However, OpenMap provides its own JFrame, ...

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