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The Worst Developer Resume in the World

As someone who has been recruiting in the software industry for nearly 20 years, I’ve read perhaps tens of thousands of résumés. Good and bad. My experience prompted me to launch a part-time résumé review and writing business (Résumé Raiders if you must know), as I found that résumé services were both grossly overpriced and of poor quality. There is one résumé ...

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JSF Scopes Tutorial – JSF/CDI Session Scope

The session scope lives across multiple HTTP request-response cycles (theoretical unlimited).                     The request scope is very useful in any web application when you need a single interaction per HTTP request-response cycle. However, when you need objects visible for any HTTP request-response cycle that belongs to a user session, then you ...

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PhoneGap/Cordova Compatibility For Codename One

We just released the first version of the open source CN1Cordova project on github. This means you can take a common Cordova/PhoneGap app, import it into NetBeans and build a native app using our cloud build servers without any changes! Before we delve into the exact process of converting an app lets start by reviewing the exact benefits PhoneGap/Cordova developers ...

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Quick Go-lang for Java Developers

Golang seems to be getting quite popular as its the programming language of choice for some cool new technology like Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Luckily enough, they’re all opensource too which means we can all contribute to these communities and get involved. One particularly awesome benefit of opensource that turns out to be extremely valuable and helpful in many circumstances ...

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Devoxx Belgium 2015 – Conference Day 1 #devoxx

There were are 3 days full of Java and other technologies as well. Here is my review of the day. Opening keynote(s) The first part of the opening was about Devoxx. The creator Stephan Jansen and some of his colleagues went through the updates regarding the ‘Devoxx’ ecosystem of conferences that is now booming. London, Paris, Krakow, Casablanca are now ...

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Do we need coding conventions?

There are things that just come natural and we forget to wonder if it could be some other way. It is like that the sun rise morning and sets evening. But scientists raise the question and even though the sun still rise in the morning and still sets evening we gathered a lot of knowledge about it. It is similar ...

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Software Development

Well, I’ve recently gone to the “silver” side and acquired a MacBook Pro to use it for development when I am not at my PC. By development I mean here mainly Java + Javascript development. So I’ve written this post to remember what I had to install/configure to achieve this goal. I need to mention that until now I’ve been ...

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Does PostgreSQL Have an ORA-01795-like Limit?

The Oracle database requires that no more than 1000 entries be used in a SQL IN portion of a WHERE clause and will throw an ORA-01795 error if that number is exceeded. If a value needs to be compared to more than 1000 values, approaches other than use of IN must be applied. I wondered if this limitation applies to ...

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Critical Mass of Tests for Continuous Deployment

Does this situation sound familiar? An engineering team relies on manual testing for quality assurance and preventing regressions. The manual process is lengthy, prone to errors, and doesn’t handle edge cases, so there are frequent regressions that slip into production. The deployment pipeline has slowed to a crawl, causing features to pile up on top of each other. Getting anything ...

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