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How to use geolocation with Redis 3.2

Recently I was looking for a solution how to tell if couple of Longitudes, Latitudes actually in the same Radius. So in the beginning I was thinking using Elasticsearch to store all my geo-locations and use their mechanism in order to search whether a point is within the requested Radius of other points. Elastic-search is great product but I wasn’t sure if I wanted ...

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Java Mobile Development Webinar 2: The Sequel

On Thursday morning we rolled the cameras for chapter 2 of our exciting new webinar series. This time around there were far fewer (though not zero) technical issues, and we were able to share a productive hour of mobile app development in the company of our fellow coders. Last time, we built a social media app similar to Facebook. It ...

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Stackifier: Make Sense of Your Stack Trace

How to make sense of your stack trace and solve errors faster  Developer experience, as in User Experience where the user is a developer, is often neglected. Many of the workflows and experiences around crafting code, debugging, testing, monitoring and the whole deployment process are really rough around the edges to say the least. This mainly comes from the need ...

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Managing your application as a file system

Overview “A database is a smart file system” — Anonymous “Your database/application is a file system” — Chronicle Software. Why mount your application as a file system? The main benefits of using a file system are;   It can give you another way to access your data which works in for any language. There is a lot of existing tools ...

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Preparing Your Culture to Move Beyond Agile Development

How can companies and organizations build in innovation today beyond agile development? Agile methods are evolving from the basic Scrum and Kanban approaches to better scale and bring new ideas to market faster. This is the first in a series of two posts where I’ll be talking about where some of these next big changes are coming from. Going Beyond ...

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Architecting Data Intensive Applications – Part 1

Introduction Every software application can, in essence, be divided into two types : Compute Intensive Applications and Data Intensive Applications. And then there are applications that fall somewhere between these two extremes. Today I would be talking about how to define the High Level Architecture for applications that are focused on leveraging the data of the enterprise in order to ...

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Candidate bugs for the EclipseCon Europe 2015 Hackathon

Alternate title: What I saw at the EclipseCon Europe Hackathon made my jaw drop! I’m pretty excited about the hackathon we’re running at EclipseCon Europe. In past hackathons, we’ve let attendees pick the bug that they want to work on. We’re going to encourage this sort of thing this time around, but want also to provide some help for those ...

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Java 8 SE Optional, a strict approach

About two weeks ago Stephen Colebourne presented his pragmatic approach to using Optional. If you read it, you might have guessed from my previous recommendations that I don’t agree. Overview I have to start with a disclaimer but then I’ll jump right in and explain why I think his approach is less then ideal. All quotes that are not attributed ...

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JET Conference – Let’s Fly to Java World

Did you hear about JET conference? Probably no, why? It is the first time appearance of this event. And that’s the reason why organizers of JET are so inspired and motivated. The real Java hardcore conference is based on 3 principles: Non-Stop Practice Experience Exchange Being a Part of Something Really Important So if you agree with these principles and ...

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