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Spring Boot Oauth2 Security


This post is an enhancement for my previous post which talks about how to secure your REST API using Spring security oauth2. In case if you missed it, here is the place to grab: Spring boot is one of the new inventions from Spring framework that makes developers’ lives easier when building large scale applications. Here is a good ...

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JAR Hell

What is JAR hell? (Or is it classpath hell? Or dependency hell?) And which aspects are still relevant when considering modern development tools like Maven or OSGi? Interestingly enough there seems to be no structured answer to these questions (i.e. even the second page listed no promising headlines). This post is supposed to fill that gap. Overview We’ll start with ...

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Debugging tip: How to simulate a slow hardisk

As a Software Engineer there are times when you’d like to have a slower system. It doesn’t happen really often actually: usually it’s when someone reports a bug on your software that you have never seen before and that you can not reproduce. The majority of time, the reason of those ghost bugs are race conditions. Race conditions, are issues ...

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Vertical and Horizontal Decorating

A decorator pattern is one of the best ways to add features to an object without changing its interface. I use composable decorators quite often and always question myself as to how to design them right when the list of features must be configurable. I’m not sure I have the right answer, but here is some food for thought.   ...

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Clojure web development – state of the art – part 2

This is part 2 of my “Clojure web development” series. You can discuss first part on this reddit thread. After reading the comments I must explain two assumptions I had writing this series: Keep things easy to understand for people from outside Clojure land, especially Java devs. That’s why I use REST/JSON in favor of transit and component as a ...

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Letting Go Of Technical Debt

The term “technical debt” was first introduced by Ward Cunningham as a metaphor. It was in the early 90s, when the rift between developers and business people was growing wide. The business people would urge developers do release untested, ugly code. The developers tried to explain why this was a bad mistake. (Not like today, right?) The metaphor of debt ...

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Better Performing Non-Logging Logger Calls in Log4j2


Using logging guards is a common practice when using Log4j 1.x and wanting to avoid the additional performance impact that can occur on some occasions even if the message is not actually logged. One of the most attractive features that Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J) brought to Java logging was the ability to reduce the number of circumstances in ...

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Automated Software Testing of Fusion Middleware applications with FlexDeploy


Automated software testing is one of the mandatory activities that any software organization should perform in order to be able to guarantee quality of their products. However, very often this process turns to be a pretty complicated thing, especially when it comes to automated testing of modern complex systems consisting of a number of different parts. All those parts are ...

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