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You Can’t Build An MVP

MVP is an acronym for Minimum Viable Product. Ever since the Lean Startup book and movement appeared, it has become the staple of “successfully building the right product”. It’s pretty clear, right? Minimum – it contains just the needed features that enable us to make money. Viable – people are willing to give us money for it. Product – It’s sort-of-a-tangible thing ...

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Docker Java App Deployment With A Containerized Oracle XE And With An Existing Oracle XE Instance

Background Many enterprises today are extremely excited about the prospects of containerized application stacks to achieve application portability and to speed up application deployment. However we met with many enterprise customers that are still concerned about how this containerization effort would fit into their existing workflows and processes. In almost every large organization we talked to, Oracle database is still ...

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Gentle Introduction to Hystrix – Hello World


In a previous blog post I had covered the motivation for needing a library like Netflix Hystrix. Here I will jump into some of the very basic ways to start using Hystrix and follow it up with more complex use cases. Hello World A simple Hello World example of a “Hystrix Command” is the following: import; import; import ...

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Run 1,000 Docker Redis Containers In Less Than 15 Minutes On A Cluster Of 5 Cloud Servers With 2GB Of Memory Each

Background While application portability (i.e. being able to run the same application on any Linux host) is still the leading driver for the adoption of Linux Containers, another key advantages is being able to optimize server utilization so that you can use every bit of compute. Of course, for upstream environments, like PROD, you may still want to dedicate more ...

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Couchbase Cluster using Docker Compose

Couchbase 4.0 provides lots of features that allows you to develop with agility and operate at any scale. Some of the features that allow you to operate at any scale are: Elastic Scalability Consistent High Performance Always-On Availability Multi-Data Center Deployment Simple and Powerful Administration Enterprise-grade Security Learn more about these enterprise features at A complete overview is available in Couchbase Server 4.0 datasheet. This ...

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4-day Docker and Kubernetes Training

I just delivered a 4-day deep-dive training course on Docker and Kubernetes to a customer in Atlanta. In true open-source spirit, I’d like to publish the source/slides and allow other people to benefit from it and contribute to making it better. Kubernetes is such an awesome project, and I learned a lot by doing this training. If you’re interested in ...

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JavaFX Real-World Apps: EIZO CuratOR Caliop

JavaFX Real-World application number four is called Caliop. It is the frontend of the CuratOR solution developed by EIZO for operating rooms in hospitals. The frontend runs on wall-mounted consoles and allows the operating team to look up information about a patient, control the routing of various video sources to different monitors, record videos, take photos / stills. For this software ...

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In Defence of Monoliths

The first Microservices talk I attended was a year and a half ago. My first reaction was “why is that something new?”. Then I realized it is already getting overhyped, so I listened to some more talks, read a bit more articles, so that I can have a good reason not to like the hype. What are microservices is probably ...

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