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Sprint Cadence at scale

A system called ‘Scrum’ Scrum is founded on empirical process theory. Scrum implements regular inspections and adaptations in a closed-loop feedback system to deal with unpredictable events, changes and circumstances. The output of the system is used to be compared against new or updated input in order to update the output.             The input to ...

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JVM Statistics with jstat

I have written about several command-line tools provided with the Oracle and/or OpenJDK Java Development Kits (JDKs) in the past, but I’ve never written exclusively about the jstat tool. The Oracle JDK 9 Documentation Early Access states that jstat is used “to monitor Java Virtual Machine (JVM) statistics.” There is also a warning, “This command is experimental and unsupported.” Although ...

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Handling Events in React


In post Rendering RESTful service with React we created simple UI which render employee list fetched from RESTful service. As part of this post we will extend the same app to support add and delete employees operation. We will start with updating react-app backend api with add/delete employee operation along with modifying the existing get employee method to return the list of employees following ...

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Grails 3.3 has Spock 1.1

You’ll be glad to know that milestone 1 of Grails 3.3 has been released 3 days ago — and is also already available through SDKMAN!. Not only has it upgraded its dependencies to Hibernate 5.1.5, Spring Framework 4.3.7, Spring Boot 1.5.3 and Gradle 3.5, but it also finally ships with the latest Spock 1.1 testing framework. Spock is an old ...

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Why do devs hate Agile?

Someone asked me this the other day: “Why do devs hate agile?” and as I worked through my answer I thought it worth writing down. There are three reasons I can think of but before we get to them… First off, I don’t think all “devs do hate Agile”. Or rather, I don’t think the vast majority of them hate ...

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Short Retry vs Long Retry in Apache Camel

Camel Design Patterns book contains 20 patterns and numerous techniques and best practices for designing Apache Camel based integration solutions. Using this link only, JCG readers can buy Camel Design Patterns book with over 40% discount until end of June!         To get a feel of the book, below is a shorter version of the Retry Pattern ...

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Event Logs

Most system have some sort of event logs – i.e. what has happened in the system and who did it. And sometimes it has a dual existence – once as an “audit log”, and once as event log, which is used to replay what has happened. These are actually two separate concepts: the audit log is the trace that every ...

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Testing Spring Data + Spring Boot applications with Arquillian (Part 2)

In previous post, I wrote about how to test Spring Data application using Docker with Arquillian Cube. The test looked like: @RunWith(SpringRunner.class) @SpringBootTest(classes = PingPongController.class, webEnvironment = RANDOM_PORT) @ContextConfiguration(initializers = PingPongSpringBootTest.Initializer.class) public class PingPongSpringBootTest { @ClassRule public static ContainerDslRule redis = new ContainerDslRule("redis:3.2.6") .withPortBinding(6379); @Autowired TestRestTemplate restTemplate; @Test public void should_get_pongs() { // given restTemplate.postForObject("/ping", "pong", String.class); restTemplate.postForObject("/ping", "pung", String.class); // when final List<String> ...

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