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Get Started with Spring Boot, SAML, and Okta


Build faster with Okta’s authentication and user management API. Register today for the free forever Developer Edition! Today I’d like to show you how build a Spring Boot application that leverages Okta’s Platform API for authentication via SAML. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an XML-based standard for securely exchanging authentication and authorization information between entities—specifically between identity providers, service ...

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Keeping Your Skills Up to Date as a Software Developer

It’s a wild world of ever-changing technology. What was new and hot yesterday is old and crufty today. Dinosaurs actively roam the halls of software development organizations, and you don’t want to be one of them. The key to not going the way of the Dodo Bird is to keep your skills up to date. You don’t have to learn ...

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Electronic Signature Using The WebCrypto API

Sometimes we need to let users sign something electronically. Often people understand that as placing your handwritten signature on the screen somehow. Depending on the jurisdiction, that may be fine, or it may not be sufficient to just store the image. In Europe, for example, there’s the Regulation 910/2014 which defines what electronic signature are. As it can be expected ...

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Jersey Web Service Hello World Example in Java


After Restlet, Jersey is another popular open source framework to create RESTful web services in Java. Jersey conforms JAX-RS specification and actually it is the reference implementation of JAX-RS (JSR 311)( specification. In the last article, we have seen the Restlet HelloWorld Example and today we’ll see the Jersey HelloWorld Example. Typically, when a developer thinks of creating a RESTful web service using Java, ...

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Spring Boot Web Slice test – Sample


Spring Boot introduced test slicing a while back and it has taken me some time to get my head around it and explore some of its nuances. Background The main reason to use this feature is to reduce the boilerplate. Consider a controller that looks like this, just for variety written using Kotlin. @RestController @RequestMapping("/users") class UserController( private val userRepository: UserRepository, private val ...

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Short Retry vs Long Retry in Apache Camel

Camel Design Patterns book describes 20 patterns and numerous tips and best practices for designing Apache Camel based integration solutions. Each pattern is based on a real world use case and provides Camel specific implementation details and best practises. To get a feel of the book, below is an extract from the Retry Pattern from the book describing how to ...

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Hibernate Architecture Overview

The diagram below provides a high-level view of the Hibernate architecture: Minimal architecture The “minimal” architecture has the application manage its own JDBC connections and provide those connections to Hibernate; additionally the application manages transactions for itself. This approach uses a minimal subset of Hibernate APIs. Comprehensive architecture Hibernate Basic APIs Here are quick discussions about some of the API ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Complete Python Programming Bundle (93% off)

Take a Deep Dive Into a Wide Range of Python’s Many Capabilities Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 93% off on The Complete Python Programming Bundle. Get it now with only $79, instead of its original price of $1,176. Python Programming for Beginners Designed for beginners, ...

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Thinking About What to Call Team Members and Managers

Bob Sutton (@work_matters) tweeted this the other day: Perhaps companies ought to stop using “IC” or “Individual Contributor.” It seems to absolve such employees from helping others I retweeted it and we had some back-and-forth about what to call people i organizations. Let’s eliminate these words for people who are not managers: Individual Contributor: There are no one-person projects or ...

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