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MVC is dead – what comes next?


React.js, Elm, Cycle.js, and other UI frameworks introduced a new way of building user interfaces. By applying principles from functional reactive programming to UI development, they even changed how we think about user interfaces. In no time, these approaches have simply smashed the seemingly inevitable dominance of MVC and its siblings (MVP, MVVM etc.). This article, which is the first in ...

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Coaches, Managers, Collaboration and Agile, Part 1


There was a fascinating Twitter conversation last week when I was busy writing other things. (I also find Twitter to be a difficult-for-me arena to have a conversation. I need more than 140 characters.) The conversation started when Neil Killick tweeted this: orgs need coaches not because “agile is unintuitive”, but because effective sw delivery is a team game requiring ...

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Event-Sourcing and CQRS in Practise


Anyone that has tried to implement a fully ACID compliant system knows that there are a lot of considerations you have to do. You need to make sure database entities can be freely created, modified and deleted without the risk of errors, and in most cases, the solution will be at the cost of performance. One methodology that can be ...

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Small scale stream processing kata. Part 1: thread pools


Once again I prepared a programming contest on GeeCON 2016 for my company. This time the assignment required designing and optionally implementing a system given the following requirements: A system delivers around one thousand events per second. Each Event has at least two attributes: clientId – we expect up to few events per second for one client UUID – globally ...

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Getting started with Apache Flink and Kafka


Introduction Apache Flink is an open source platform for distributed stream and batch data processing. Flink is a streaming data flow engine with several APIs to create data streams oriented application. It is very common for Flink applications to use Apache Kafka for data input and output. This article will guide you into the steps to use Apache Flink with ...

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The Broken Scientific Publishing Model and My Attempt to Improve It


I’ll begin this post with a rant about the state of scientific publishing, then review the technology “disruption” landscape and offer a partial improvement that I developed (source). Scientific publishing is quite important – all of science is based on previously confirmed “science”, so knowing what the rest of the scientific community has done or is doing is essential to ...

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Running Fault Tolerant Jenkins Inside A Docker Swarm Cluster


In this article, we’ll discuss a way to create a Jenkins service inside a Docker Swarm cluster and some of the benefits such a service provides. Environment Setup We’ll start by creating a Docker Swarm cluster. I will assume you already have at least a basic knowledge how Docker Swarm Mode works. If you don’t, I suggest you read the ...

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How To: Insert and Read From a Database using Json


In this article we will create a plugin for Speedment that generates serialization and deserialization logic using Gson to make it super easy to map between database entities and JSON strings. This will help to showcase the extendability of the Speedment code generation while at the same time explore some of the cool features of the Gson library. Speedment is ...

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Getting Started With JHipster, Part 2


So you’re back! In the last installment of this series, we created a JHipster application taking the monolithic route. It was the Red Pill route; life as pretty much you are accustomed to. But maybe you like a challenge. Maybe you want to move beyond the Red Pill and try out the Blue Pill. In this case, the Blue Pill is the ...

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