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Equality vs Identity?

When storing objects in a Set, it is important that the same object can never be added twice. That is the core definition of a Set. In java, two methods are used to determine whether two referenced objects are the same or if they can both exist in the same Set; equals() and hashCode(). In this article I will explain ...

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How to Log in Apache Spark

An important part of any application is the underlying log system we incorporate into it. Logs are not only for debugging and traceability, but also for business intelligence. Building a robust logging system within our apps could be use as a great insights of the business problems we are solving. Log4j in Apache Spark Spark uses log4j as the standard ...

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How to Support Java 6, 8, 9 in a Single API

With jOOQ 3.7, we have finally added formal support for Java 8 features. This opened the door to a lot of nice improvements, such as: Creating result streams try (Stream<Record2<String, String>> stream = DSL.using(configuration) .select(FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME) .from(PERSON) .stream()) { List<String> people = -> p.value1() + " " + p.value2()) .collect(Collectors.toList()); } Calling statements asynchronously (jOOQ 3.8+) CompletionStage<Record> result = ...

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SWT ScrolledComposite Explained

Like a friend of mine once put it, SWTs ScrolledComposite is a nasty beast. And to some point I do agree. This is likely the reason why there are so many questions asked about how to use this widget. But its not only the authors of the ScrolledComposite to blame. When a piece of software doesn’t work the way you ...

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Scalable I/O: Events- Vs Multithreading-based

Everything begins with a refresher reading of my fundamental papers – yes, I use a set of papers and books as reference material. This paper is titled: “Why Events Are A Bad Idea (for high-concurrency servers)“, by Rob von Behren at the time of writing a PhD fellow at Berkeley [18]. Von Behren opens with: “Event-based programming has been highly touted ...

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Simple Event Driven design

Overview Developers often ask about the performance or efficiency of a system or their code. What does this really mean? My code is so efficient, only a coding god could understand how it works. My code is really clever but unmaintainable. The next developer will re-write it anyway. My code is really efficient for the machine, but inefficient for the ...

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2 Android Studio productivity tips you MUST know

This post will handle frequent tasks one usually do in Android Studio: Modifying layout XML files Observing logcat output If you do that actions, make sure you aware of the below tips. Modifying layout XML files When modifying XML layout files, one has to decide the ultimate decision: Which view to use – Design or Text view? Design view provides you a good visual presentation ...

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Converting Markdown to PDF or DOCX with Pandoc

Markdown is a popular text formatting syntax among developers these days. Popular Sites like Github or Bitbucket use Markdown for project documentation and various other types of user generated content. These sites automatically convert markdown syntax to HTML, so it can be displayed in a browser. However, maybe you want to use Markdown as document format without using a platform ...

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Don’t Hate The HATEOAS


Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the HATEOAS REST has become the defacto, or at least vogue, solution to implementing web services. This is understandable because REST offers a level of self-documentation in its utilization of the HTTP specification. It’s durable, scalable, and offers several other desirable characteristics. However many so-called RESTful services don’t implement HATEOAS (Hypermedia ...

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