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Experimenting with Java9 HTTP Client and Process API in JShell

This post continues my exploration of Java9 features from my My Top Java 9 Features blog post. Here we are experimenting with Java9 HTTP/2 Client and Process API in JShell HTTP/2 Client The HTTP/2 Client is an incubator project in Java9. This means the API isn’t finalized, so has some scope for change in future versions. The most obvious changes ...

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C# vs. Java: The Top 5 Features Java Developers Miss in C#

If we could have the best of both worlds between C# and Java, what would that look like? Most C# developers will be quick to tell you that with more frequent updates, C# has everything Java has and more. C# had Generics and Lambdas long before we got them in Java, but there are still major components in Java that ...

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Setting Up Cassandra Cluster in AWS

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database that allows for easy horizontal scaling, using the consistent hashing mechanism. Seven years ago I tried it and decided not use it for a side-project of mine because it was too new. Things are different now, Cassandra is well established, there’s a company behind it (DataStax), there are a lot more tools, documentation and ...

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Java Command-Line Interfaces (Part 21): Airline 2

The focus of this twenty-first post in this series on parsing command-line arguments in Java is on the Airline 2 library. The GitHub project page for Airline 2 describes the library, “Airline is a Java library providing an annotation-based framework for parsing command line interfaces.” The page goes onto state that Airline “supports both simple single commands through to complex ...

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JSON Processing 1.1: 100DaysOfJavaEE8

JSON Pointer Challenge Given the JSON document in the code snippet below, what is the result of using the JSON Pointer feature from JSON-P 1.1?                 The new shape of the JSON object will be as follows: { "name": "Duke", "likes": [ "Java EE 8", "Java", "Ice Cream" ] } What is JSON ...

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Differences between @RequestParam and @PathVariable annotations in Spring MVC?


The Spring MVC framework, one of the most popular frameworks for developing a web application in Java world also provides several useful annotations to extract data from the incoming request and mapping the request to controller e.g. @RequestMapping, @RequestParam, and @PathVariable. Even though both @RequestParam and @ParthVariable is used to extract values from the HTTP request, there is a subtle ...

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Asynchronous and Transactional Event Listeners in Spring


The built-in event publication functionality exists from the early Spring versions and it is still useful for handling basic communication between Spring components in the same application context. In general, the application can generate application events (that can be arbitrary objects) and listen to them. The whole mechanism is really simple: using ApplicationPublisher you publish events and using EventListener you ...

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Neo4j: Cypher – Deleting duplicate nodes

I had a problem on a graph I was working on recently where I’d managed to create duplicate nodes because I hadn’t applied any unique constraints. I wanted to remove the duplicates, and came across Jimmy Ruts’ excellent post which shows some ways to do this. Let’s first create a graph with some duplicate nodes to play with: UNWIND range(0, ...

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